Kaguya-sama: Love is War Season 3 (Ultra Romantic) Conclusion

We finally got there after 3 seasons. 


I almost got the ending that I wanted, sadly team Hayasaka was a losing battle (get it because love is war?). But as they say all is fair in love. As usual the entire budget went to the ending of the show. The show was very solidly done, stayed true to its gimmicks and made the most of the skits it had. It wasn’t until the final chance for both Kaguya and Shirogane to confess their love that we got the climax of the series, also known as the confession of love between the two. 


I would say my favorite moment of the third season was the moment Shirogane had a rap battle with Hayasaka, Fujiwara, and Kaguya. It was a wildly hilarious and unexpected moment. The show really had some very awesome gold moments in between. While romantic comedy is not usually my thing, when creators get this imaginative I have to support the work they do. 

There were other great moments of character build up throughout the show and we got to see the payoff on a lot of them. When a show brings together meaningful moments, character development, and great visuals there isn’t much else to say other than well done. 

While for me it won’t be something I am going to rewatch, I greatly enjoyed the story and the fun times that were had. Afterall if we aren’t here for fun, then why watch anime? I am interested in seeing the future direction of the show, as a season 4 has been announced. I will be watching that season to see if they can keep the show as interesting and fresh as they have been. At this point it has a lot to live up to in terms of entertainment. Best of luck! 

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  1. I also really enjoyed Love is War’s third season. The animators were clearly having a lot of fun animating this season, and it showed in the final result and how beloved this season became. I also really enjoy Hayasaka’s character much like you do, and I hope she also goes to Stanford since she is meant to serve Kaguya.

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