My Trip to Crunchyroll Expo 2022

I visited friends and had fun in San Jose. 

Look it’s Hime.

I wasn’t really expecting much going to the Crunchyroll Expo this year. It’s a smaller con, and I had already missed Anime Expo in Los Angeles. What I learned is that it really isn’t the size of the convention you attend. It’s about the people you spend time with, and the interest you have in the actual going-on of the event. I ended up having a great time.

I would attend again if given the opportunity. 

They had plenty of panels, concerts, a manga library, and gaming section. There was a little of something for everyone. It was nice to see the diversity. And of course there was plenty of merchandise to go around. What would a con be without people getting in over their heads? The atmosphere was great.

I was reminded at the event that SAO is now ten years old. What is my age again? Age doesn’t have anything to do with fun and hobbies. I took a few pictures of the exhibit and wanted to share them with the community. 

It was pretty cool touring the exhibit. It’s wild to me that it’s been going on for a decade. Still waiting for a more diverse set of villains, or obstacles for Kirito to face (please no more rapists/psychopaths). The spin offs of SAO have been great. Lets get more of those.

I also managed to get a picture of the RWBY anime as well. Well they had stand ins for it. Exciting times for RWBY fans who always wanted it to be an anime.

New Costume design? HYPEEEEE.

At this point I know I have your buy in for my up and coming photography career. Now here is the point where we veer off the beaten path of anime. Yes, I am talking about loving your waifu so much you would wrap your car with them. It’s not the kind of money I have casually lying around, but I am mildly interested in cars and very interested in anime. But because I happen to have the pictures you have to see them now too.

Have you ever considered wrapping your car in your favorite waifu? I think I wouldn’t be brave enough. But thanks for the cool pics!

So was there a point to all of this? Yes, to have fun. And it was fun.