About Me

Hello Friends!

I am exuberant with the results of the first year of this blog. While largely experimental, I have found more success than I had initially hoped for while writing this blog. My line of thinking was that even if I could have one person who appreciated what I wrote then it would be worth it for me to continue writing.

During the course of the journey I have found other talented writers and bloggers whose work I have appreciated and found enlightening. As the journey continues I will continue to find and enjoy the works of others.

For those who have supported my work already, whether through likes or follows, I would like to give my sincere thanks. I will continue to publish my work and keep working hard to expand my topics and works for your continued enjoyment. I will push my limits and continue to develop my craft. If you have ideas for me or things that you think I should know, I would greatly appreciate any input.

Now that the tedious stuff is out of the way I am a huge anime fan, although I wouldn’t be here with the support of friends who got me into anime back in 2014. That was the year that I told them I would try this thing called “anime”. And what do you know the very same year I attended Anime Expo in Los Angeles. Before than I was your average normie, and couldn’t see myself really liking anime as a genre. It was foreign and weird. It wasn’t that I outright hated it, but it really wasn’t my thing. In fact if I had a very persistent friend who continued to push me in the direction it may have never been a thing for me. Thinking about that makes me sad since I have enjoyed a lot that has come after. Anime has pushed me to share my thoughts about it so much that I have started blogging. I don’t know if that was me being brave or if the anime pushed me into a corner so much that I wanted to share what I had found and thought with others. I always wanted to write, and that has been a hidden wish for many years, that has finally come to fruition.

Now granted I could probably be further along with writing than where I am at now if I hadn’t waited so long to start it. That might be due to my hardheadedness or just simply that I lacked the courage to try. Maybe that wish to write just wasn’t strong enough to overcome the adverse elements in my own life, well at least until recently. At any rate here I am now! I can say that I enjoyed the moments writing and that I put my best efforts into everything I produce. I don’t want to cheat myself and I certainly don’t want to put less than my best effort out in public. I plan on continuing to write for this blog, putting my best efforts forward for your enjoyment. I will also keep writing some of the fiction that I am working on in the background, I am just putting it out there to hold myself accountable.

I wish you all a belated happy new year! I hope 2020 brings you opportunities that you couldn’t have imagined or realistically hoped for!