RWBY: Ice Queendom – A More Complete Picture of Weiss Schnee

RWBY: Ice Queendom is exceptional in exploring Weiss Schnee.

Still hyped we got an Anime.

I am enjoying the story of RWBY: Ice Queendom. I am always a fan of the artistic exploration of the mental state. As the title suggests, Ice Queendom is all about Weiss. Her story and background has always been interesting. Born into wealth and status, her family owns a dust company, a valuable commodity in the RWBY universe. Dust as seen in the show is used for weapons and auras. It enhances the combat abilities of the user. 

As part of the Schee family, Weiss is expected to behave and act in the best interests of her family. It means putting aside personal wants and needs in pursuit of putting the family priorities first, including the family business. But when extraordinary pressure is put on an individual, how do they deal with it? 

Weiss’s story is an example of how a person at the age of becoming handles that pressure. 

Lets just say that it is not going well for Weiss at this point in the story. At this point she is being controlled by a grimm, a monster entity in the RWBY universe. This grimm specifically attacks the dreamscape of the host, in this case Weiss. In other words it is a parasite. The only way to rid Weiss of this parasite is for her companions in team RWBY to confront the grimm in the dreamscape and defeat it. 

While this is not included in the original story of RWBY, Ice Queendom is considered story-adjacent to the main RWBY story. Even in the main story we always knew that Weiss dealt with a large amount of pressure coming from her father, the head of the family: Jacques Schnee. In short he is a controlling and manipulative figure. 

The story-adjacent contains good storytelling elements. 

RWBY isn’t in general well known for its storytelling. In past seasons things seemed to be thrown in, and the main highlight of RWBY was always its action elements. If I had to rate the story itself from the original story, I would put it at a passing to at times sub-par. But that being said RWBY was always able to progress their story and introduce elements to their world that made it interesting. The story was never static, it was dynamic and always changing. 

Ice Queendom takes the lore of the original series and enhances it. It gives a more complete picture of things going on in Weiss’s mind and in her life that made her such a difficult and complicated character. While we do get an idea in the series generally of Weiss’s difficult life and her stubborn nature that makes her hard to work with, we get a much better exploration in Ice Queendom. 

We learn about the pressures of her father and her family. We also get a good idea of her thought processes which are much different from her peers. Becoming a huntress is just a side-mission for Weiss. She is expected at some point to be involved with the family business and its operations. Weiss’s family in recent times had been set back by attacks on dust shipments by Fauna extremist group, White Fang. It explains why she feels so negatively towards Fauna in general and that she can’t relate to them. 

Weiss can’t spare thoughts for things outside of the family business. She isn’t given the time or the luxury of making her own opinions. Her thoughts in part are the thoughts of her family. She suppresses wants and desires. None of which is good for her own personal development.

RWBY is now officially Anime, is RWBY: Ice Queendom good?

Is RWBY Good?

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