Love is War – First Thoughts

Love is War is a fun premise for finding love.



I’d much rather be watching an isekai or adventure anime, but I do have a soft spot for romantic comedy. I am not a big romantic comedy fan. That being said I do have some guilty pleasures in the anime scene for romantic comedies such as Toradora and InuxBoku SS. But in general I find myself having more fun than I thought watching Love is War. Might have helped being in the right mood, and watching the anime drunk. And I had friends who pushed me to watch it with them. The things we do when in the middle of a pandemic I guess. But being totally honest virtual viewing parties are fun!

So my first thoughts on Love is War are that it’s good light hearted fun and we have two proud individuals trying to outwit each other to confess love to each other. It’s a fun premise for watching the show as the characters are constantly trying to one up each other. The first one to confess their love loses.

Kaguya Shinomiya, our female lead, is a character born into wealth and is exceptionally talented. She is the school’s current student body vice president. Miyuki Shirogane, the male lead, is a character that has studied harder than anyone to get where he is. He is the current student body president.

For two characters fascinated with each other, it’s amazing the lengths they will go to get the other to confess love. Or at the very least they want the other to tip their hand they are romantically interested. The tension in the air is fairly thick at times. Thank goodness we have the comic relief of Chika who lightens the mood between the two would-be lovers but don’t know it yet. She butts in at the worst times for our two would-be lovers and at the best time for the audience. She is a constant source of laughs and sometimes common sense that our two high achievers would otherwise miss.

I am looking forward to the memories that both Kaguya and Miyuki will make in their journey to find love. I am also looking forward to watching them fail over and over again with their far-fetched strategies to make the other confess love to them. Love for both Kaguya and Miyuki is war. Neither can yield or admit they have feelings for the other, even though it’s apparent for the audience to see.

I am having fun watching!


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