Bird in the Cage – Love is War Season 1 Finale

The end of summer has come and neither Kaguya nor Miyuki has made a move.


I have a soft spot for characters who are trapped by their life circumstances. I really don’t like characters being controlled or constrained by their parents or their parent’s expectations of what they should be doing. That being said, this is the exact situation we find Kaguya in at the season finale of Love is War. She had plans, her only plans for summer, to go and watch fireworks at the festival. They are plans that normally anyone could follow through with. But she was forbidden from leaving the home due to her poor behavior.

Kaguya’s circumstances are unique since she is the heiress of a rich and powerful family. She has few friend connections due to how surrounded and protected she is by her family. Also her closed personality pushed people away from her. Besides Fujiwara, she has no other real friends besides those on the student council.

Because Kaguya is cut off from the world, she lacks in some basic social skills. She also doesn’t know how to use the internet. Her circumstances have left her really unable to express herself in matters of emotional reasoning. Not only that she continually tells herself that must meet the expectations of her father. She must remain a trapped bird in a cage. The expectations placed on her keep her from attempting to do anything for herself. She seems robbed of free will, unable to care and giving into the restrictions placed on her. In essence Kaguya has given up.

Luckily for Kaguya her world hasn’t given up on her. Miyuki reads her sad tweet and makes a plan to go and rescue her. Kaguya in this moment was like a locked up princess, unable to do anything for herself. With help from her maid, Kaguya is able to escape on her own. Kaguya leaves her mansion and tries desperately to make the fireworks on time. She arrives late and misses the show, except for glimpses between buildings. Nothing has gone right for her this evening.

Broken down and dejected, Kaguya pities her situation. At her lowest moment Miyuki appears and tells her that he is going to get her to the firework show. Enlisting the help of the student council members and the local ramen don, Miyuki is able to deliver on his promise to Kaguya. He gives it his all to salvage her evening that was ruined by the restrictions placed on Kaguya by her father. It’s a fitting and endearing moment when Kaguya finally gets to see the fireworks, the president delivering on his promise to her. While everyone else enjoys the fireworks, Kaguya stares in awe at Miyuki. She is taken in by his charm and his unrelenting spirit to deliver on something that means the world to Kaguya.

Kaguya isn’t some powerless bird trapped in a cage. Her actions and daring, combined with the help of Miyuki make the evening mean something to her. Both Kaguya and Miyuki take action. I wonder how the next season will play out? Will they actually admit their feelings? Will they solidify their relationship?


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