The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace – First Impressions

It’s entertaining, zany, and chaotic. 

This one feels like a roller coaster anime. It’s a fun ride with fun characters. It’s not overly deep or complicated. That being said, Idaten Deities does tackle some difficult adult content. If you can overlook some of the difficulties there, then I can recommend this anime. There is no shame in turning away an anime if it turns you off. After all, anime is for your entertainment, if you want to move on with your life feel free. There are no obligations. 

The premise of the anime is that deities are called to protect humanity from the demon scourge. On the brink of total annihilation, humanity is saved at the last moment by powerful beings known as the Idaten Deities. But that was 800 years ago and humanity has already forgotten all about demons and Deities. Since then human civilization has been rebuilt. 

And you guessed it, humanity is back to all of its old sins. 

Society rebuilds into an image of its old self. War, devastation, death, and yes even rape. The Idaten Deities lets all this slide, although they could practically end any war on the planet. After all they are only protectors from demons and do not intervene in human affairs themselves. 

But when Demons resurface the new Idaten Deities who weren’t part of the old demon war suddenly find themselves caught in a new war. With no experience in dealing with demons will the new deities be enough to confront the new demon threat? 

There are no rules, just power and wits. Who can outsmart the other? 

It’s an all out fight for domination and survival. Who will win or how it will pan out who can say. At the very least it’s been a fun watch. That is the point of anime, having fun watching. So it does it’s job. 

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