Tsukimichi – Moonlit Fantasy – The Isekai Blender

I like Tsukimichi – Moonlit Fantasy – but it’s not a must watch Isekai. 

Tsukimichi is the blender of isekai. It goes for Konosuba-esque humor, while it tries to do the nation building of Overlord, while it’s main protagonist is overpowered. Makoto, our protagonist, is a blank slate character. He is an everyday boy with nothing special about him who is engrossed in popular culture. 

The premise of the anime is that Makoto is taken against his will to another world. In a deal made with his parents a goddess lays claim to the thing they treasure the most, which is him. But when the goddess claims her prize, Makoto, she despises him. She calls him ugly and she wants him out of her sight. But instead of sending him back to his world, she sends him to the harsh wastelands. As a parting favor, she gives him the ability to speak the languages of all the races except for the hyumans. Which as you guessed are just humans who are exceptional in their looks for people. 

So already there is no impetus for Makoto. He has no purpose. His character goes with the flow and there is chaos that ensues. The catch is that Makoto is randomly an extremely powerful being in his new world. 

The anime is fun and entertaining. The interesting thing about Tsukimichi is the characters that form around Makoto. They are the ones with the personalities and with goals that just use the kind personality that Makoto is to their own advantage. They make for funny interactions as Makoto explores the new world he finds himself in. 

Tsukimichi – Moonlit Fantasy – is fun, light hearted entertainment that uses the backdrop of isekai to drive its story. It’s a good time filler if you are in the mood to just watch something. 

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