The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace – Season 1 Conclusion

This anime was unique. 

The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace was a breath of fresh air and ideas. This one had several unexpected twists and turns as the story progressed. It had its own logic and followed its own rules for world building. It didn’t apologize for anything. While this wasn’t my favorite anime of all time, it was worth the time invested in watching. 

What I liked most about Idaten Deities is that it had its own vision, and it had its own story-telling. I found the dynamic between the demons and the idaten to be  interesting. I like how both forces were put at odds with each other. I like how there were no rules in this anime. Anything could happen within the realm of imagination. Both sides had their own clear set of objectives. Watching how their competing interests became at odds with each other was fun to explore. With annihilation for both on the line, there wasn’t anything they wouldn’t try. 

While this show certainly lacked animation quality and budget, I thought they did the best with what they had. After all, sometimes the best ideas don’t always get the same time and attention that popular ideas get. I thought the color palette was interesting. It was nice to see something different. 

What I enjoyed most about Idaten Deities is that the war between the idaten and demons was a battle of wits. Who could outsmart and outmaneuver the other side made for the pivotal moments in the show. In a battle where combat strength was entirely one sided, it would not have made for fun if the demons were pummeled into obliteration. There are plenty of other anime that do this to watch from. 

I also liked how ruthless the demons were. Unlike in other anime where demons have been toned down or turned into moe (don’t get me wrong there is appeal to that), I enjoyed that they were actually terrifying. It made the stakes higher and led to greater enjoyment of the story telling. 

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