Spy X Family Initial Thoughts

I like Spy X Family, but I feel less invested than others. Spy X Family seems to be the anime to watch this season. I am seeing tons of fan art and lots of conversations about it. But this is one of those times I feel a bit out of touch with the scene. While […]

Teeny Content Creator Rant

I am at a bit of a loss, and wanted to put my thoughts out there. I have been writing on this blog for three years at this point. I have said repeatedly that the blog has been largely experimental. That is not to say that I haven’t enjoyed every minute of putting this blog […]

Does it matter if the Shield Hero’s harem is Slaves and Pets?

Short answer is that it is problematic. It’s rather suspicious that Naofumi’s party members are slaves and pets. The audience can say at a glance that when you decide to become the Shield Hero’s slave you gain more power. On the surface that seems alright doesn’t it?  So there are a few problems with the […]

86 Eighty-Six: First Season’s Conclusion

After months of delay in production, we finally have a concrete conclusion.  86 Eighty-Six has delivered on its storytelling potential. 86 Eighty-Six was able to tell a compelling story about war, racism, and find hope somewhere in between. It went in directions that I wasn’t expecting. The story was able to successfully switch the lead […]