Thank you for 50,000 Views!

Thank you for reading my blog! 

This has been a fun journey that has been made possible thanks to your support. The views, the likes, the comments all make me feel like putting the time into is worth it. If you weren’t reading, I wouldn’t keep trying new things and or making new posts. I started at zero here, and I plan on putting more time into the blog going forward into the future. 

So how do I continue this experiment? I am not sure, but I did want to keep writing about anime. I think I am going to do less character and story analysis, and write pieces that are shorter. If there is an anime that gets me wrapped into it, like I was with Re:Zero, then you can expect me to nerd out on that thing as long as it lasts. 

After all, what would be the point of this place if I couldn’t share the ideas I had? 

Now for math, I know everyone loves math, I have written approximately 200 posts to do (I am rounding up from 197). If we divide that 50,000 by 200 posts we get about approximately 250 views per post. Not too shabby for being year three into this thing. 

I also want to thank the community of WordPress bloggers for supporting me over the years! Without your advice and guidance I wouldn’t be here today. I know I have been slacking this year, but I will get back into the groove eventually. I ultimately want to keep this a fun thing for me, and if it ever stops being fun I will stop writing. Fortunately for all readers out there I plan on doing this for the foreseeable future. Looking forward to sharing more success with everyone, with old readers and new readers alike. 

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