Ya Boy Kongming! Music meets History

I was watching the anime for the music and the blonde girl.

Ya Boy Kongming is the story of a girl, Eiko, who gets the once in a lifetime chance of becoming a star. She is a singer looking for a way to break into the scene, and wants to eventually achieve the dream of singing on the world’s biggest stage. She sings at a club whenever she gets the chance. But Eiko doesn’t know where or how to begin to make it into the music world. She needs a strategy. 

By cosmic forces of nature the military strategist known as Kongming, from the three kingdoms era in China, is brought to life again in modern Japan. He arrives on Halloween night, and mistakenly believes he is in hell. By chance he is led by party-goers to the club where Eiko sings. And that is where Kongming falls in love with Eiko’s music. 

Kongming confesses to Eiko that he loves her music after her performance, and then disappears into the night with the rest of the party-goers. The next morning when Eiko finishes her shift at the bar she finds Kongming passed out drunk on the street. She decides to help Kongming, and from there the story begins. 

Does anyone else share a weakness for blondes?

It’s definitely a strange way to start an anime, but when it comes to anime there have been stranger ways of starting them. It becomes a fun journey of self discovery, music, and learning about history at the same time. 

Ya Boy Kongming has charm and will win you over by the time you finish. Lessons from the past are woven into the fabric of the present as Kongming schemes to make Eiko a world-renowned singer. It’s time to grab your tequila and get ready to party. Alcohol is not included with your anime subscription. 

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