The Rising of the Shield Hero: How does the Second Anime Season Compare to the Light Novels?

Spoiler it’s a bit different. 

I was unsure how the anime would tackle the second season of the Rising of the Shield Hero. The first few books were really interesting and I was interested in the world that Naofumi found himself in. But over time the light novels were only so-so, and I was confused on what the author was trying to accomplish with the story telling. I am not sure if the story course corrects later on, but after a few light novels I stopped reading. 

However I have read far enough that I can instantly tell the anime decided on a different direction for the anime. Will it be a good thing? Only time will tell. 

At first glance I am a bit concerned. The anime skipped over a few elements of story building and character introduction for Rishia. I am almost certain that at no point at which I had read into the light novels, which would cover at least the beginning of the second season of the anime, that Rishia agreed to become Naofumi’s slave. And yes I am going to write more on that topic in another article. 

For a first time viewer of the anime the introduction of Rishia’s character can be a bit confusing because she just suddenly appears. For readers of the light novel we know Rishia from the previous story arc, when Naofumi travels for the experience event on the islands. She is introduced as a member of the bow hero’s party, but she is treated poorly by her party. Naofumi manages to save her from that situation in the light novels. Her appearance in the light novel is less sudden and less jarring. The anime just plops in a new character for seemingly no reason. But perhaps the anime studio is betting viewers will overlook this sudden appearance as long as she is adorable. 

Predictions for the Future of the Second Season

I honestly have no idea what is going to happen in this second season. It’s already off-script in some of the details from the light novels. I am hopeful that the anime studio will be able to keep the story interesting and on track for a more compelling story. There is nothing more disastrous than having good story development turn into nonsense. 

There are already many good pieces in play for the Rising of the Shield Hero. 

I am confident that they will be able to do something to keep their story interesting. At the very least they can’t do worse than the light novels which have already lost me. If I am no longer interested in the story at some point, there are always plenty of other choices in anime. I am always of the opinion that if you don’t like something, don’t keep doing it. 

I just wonder how long the story plans to continue, and where its development goes from here. Will the other heroes and Naofumi ever get along? I am highly doubtful of that. It’s been a story of overcoming the odds with little to no support from others. But since the beginning Naofumi’s hand continues to grow stronger. Now that he is allied with the Queen of Melromarc, his former antagonists  out of power and adding new members to his harem, what could go wrong? After all it’s called the Rising of the Shield Hero, not the failing of the Shield hero. 

While it does seem inevitable that Naofumi will climb to the top, who actually knows what will happen in the story or how it will develop. Will the second season break the series? Or will it be better than the first season? Time will tell. 

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