Dr. Stone -Villain Tsukasa Shishio

Dr. Stone is a strange anime. Its hard to really categorize it under traditional categories. While it is apocalyptic, all humanity is wiped out, we have a mystery surrounding the stone world. Such as how could people who have been turned to stone be able to survive and revive thousands of years later? How didĀ  […]

My Favorite KyoAni Production – Hyouka

In light of recent events I wanted to write a piece about my favorite show KyoAni show, Hyouka. While stillĀ  shocked by the events, as Japan is a peaceful place and Kyoto is a wonderful city (I highly recommend the visit from one who has visited the city), I felt it was necessary to express […]

Is RWBY Good?

I remember watching RWBY for the first time. The bad animation, bad dialogue and it was very cliche. I remember laughing with friends at how bad it was, but then again it was something to watch and the fighting scenes were worth the watch, so I kept watching. As the story progressed it actually starting […]