RWBY: Ice Queendom – Weiss Schnee Explored

RWBY: Ice Queendom was well produced and adds to the original story.  

I really liked the story-adjacent RWBY: Ice Queendom. It was well produced and explored the character of Weiss Schnee to a depth we had not previously seen. While in the original RWBY story we could make logical jumps that Weiss Schnee had changed since leaving her familial estate we never got to see the transformation to the same scale as we saw in RWBY: Ice Queendom. 

It was practically all about Weiss Schnee. Aptly named. 

It was a fun exploration of the living nightmare that Weiss Schnee found herself in. It was an extreme worst case scenario for her, and in no way reflects her true nature and the positives to her character. We got to see Weiss Schnee compelled to act in a way that she believed was best for her family and best for the future of the company. Obviously missing was what she was wanting for herself. She lacked her own compass to chart her own journey. 

The core problem of her nightmare is that she could not live to the beliefs that she wanted, or live independently with her own ideas. We watched over and over again as stress compounded on her shoulders. She wanted badly for the problems to end. She was unable to solve anything on her own, even though she was giving her best. In the nightmare she actually didn’t have any control, even though her character was all powerful in that nightmare. 

It was frustrating to watch Weiss be her own worst enemy, and not have the ability to influence any outcome she wanted for good. It was doomed from the start. It was not her own choosing to live in that nightmare. She was in fact possessed the entire time by a grimm. It wasn’t her fault. 

How did Weiss Schnee escape the nightmare? 

It was the efforts of Team RWBY that were able to eventually free Weiss from her nightmare and the grimm that possessed her. And in part it was Weiss herself that allowed team RWBY to save her. While Weiss did make it difficult for team RWBY to free her, she also was able to give them the tips on how to do it. She left clues for team RWBY to solve in order to save her. 

It was nice to see the bonds of the team grow stronger through the ordeal, and explore Weiss Schnee’s mindscape. Weiss Schnee had to confront her peers, who were her first true friends. Even the small bonds she had been building were the ones that would begin to have the most meaning. 

Weiss had to confront her fears real time in the nightmare, while confronting the ideas of her team that opposed her nightmarish thoughts. She was unwilling to destroy her teammates, who had become a part of her life. Instead she would lock them each time she won in her nightmare. That action allowed the team to learn more about Weiss, and in the end team RWBY was able to find a way to free Weiss from her nightmare. 

It’s interesting that the story called for others to help Weiss overcome her nightmares. I think it’s telling of how we as people rely on those closest to us in overcoming our weaknesses. It’s that others help us, even when we are at our lowest, to help us reach our potential. Weiss relied on the help and advice of others to come out on top. Nobody achieves their true potential alone. The belief that her team could help her, and that her team did help her, is what freed Weiss from the nightmare she had become. 

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