Is RWBY Good?

I remember watching RWBY for the first time. The bad animation, bad dialogue and it was very cliche. I remember laughing with friends at how bad it was, but then again it was something to watch and the fighting scenes were worth the watch, so I kept watching. As the story progressed it actually starting adding more depth to its characters and its world. The dialogue stopped being bad and the actions of the characters actually began to matter. The animation improved over time. It was something that was coming together, work that was greatly polished and improved over time. Was RWBY at good at first? Not at all. However I do give it strong recommendations as something worth watching as per its strong character development and even pacing to keep the story both interesting and enjoyable to watch.

So while RWBY did struggle the first season, the good news is that the struggle doesn’t last terribly long. Season 2 is where my interest was beginning to be piqued, where real story developments occurs and the characters become more than just flat.  What I love most about the story is watching the character progression and regression of our hunters and huntresses that correlates to real events within the story itself. They grow from naive children to young adults as experience teaches them about the cruelty of the world. While there is tragedy and some regression in terms of confidence for some of the characters part we watch as each individually overcomes the effects of the tragedy. The road is different for each to overcome their own struggles. Each moves at their own pace in terms of their recovery and some are hit harder than others at the effects of the tragedy.

Pacing for the story seems appropriate as well. The show isn’t on a time crunch to get from point A to point B. And while there is plenty of action to enjoy for the show, the characters get development that is needed for us to both understand and empathize with what each is going through. As the characters interact with each other they also influence each other and the shows pacing allow enough interaction for changes in each of the characters to happen naturally. There are no awkward breaks in character where a character is acting outside of their normal behaviors without some sort of plot development or event prompting it. So while the world around the characters changes, even dramatically at points in time, the core of the character does remain the same. This gives the show the edge in terms of keeping the show interesting and enjoyable to watch even as the seasons progress.

So yes while you will have to get past some of the cheesy dialogue and some of the first seasons animation RWBY will be worth the watch. Good luck!