Made in Abyss Season 2 is Worth Your Time

Made in Abyss Season 2 is phenomenal. 

I am still in love with the storytelling of Made in Abyss after all this time. I never know where Made in Abyss is taking me, and that is especially true of season 2. What I like most about season 2 is that it is the continuation of an already incredible, practically impossible journey of Riko and company. There is nothing lost in the challenges and difficulties they face. Each and every time Made in Abyss finds a way to raise its stakes, and believably so. 

Made in Abyss is able to convey terror and beauty, maintaining the tenous balance of both without compromise. There is never a dull moment, there is never a terror without a beauty or truth that Riko must face. And it’s not Riko facing all the moments alone, she has assembled a cast around her that are capable and trustworthy. True companions in the face of the abyss. 

I am constantly worried for the safety of Riko in her journey, and while I don’t know if it is possible for her to meet her mother I wonder where the journey will take her. At first I deemed her journey foolhardy given the inherent dangers and her young age. But desire is a hard thing for any being to suppress, and Riko more than anything would like to find her mother. It is a worthy desire, but knowing the terrible nature of the Abyss I struggle to believe that it is possible. 

Hope of finding what is possible keeps the journey alive. I wonder what will become of Riko and her party as they traverse the many mysteries of the Abyss. 

I wish them the best of luck in their continued journey and story, if you haven’t had the chance to watch Made in Abyss yet I strongly recommend it. 

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2 thoughts on “Made in Abyss Season 2 is Worth Your Time

  1. Yep. I can co-sign this. Season 2 is quite strong. I was underwhelmed with Season 1 and didn’t feel it was as special as most people thought, but I find this second season quite a ways stronger.

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    1. I feel the series has gotten progressively better. I was really impressed with the movie Sovereign of Dawn. And I have been really happy with how season two has turned out.


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