Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul – Review

Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul exceeded my expectations. 

I was very impressed by the production quality and happy with the storytelling. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the movie. I knew it would be dark, I knew that the Sovereign of Dawn would be bad news. What isn’t bad news in the Abyss? Somehow our cast of Riko, Reg and Nanchi would have to make their way past the largest obstacle yet. Remember that the Sovereign of Dawn, also known as Bondrewd, was the one responsible for Mitty’s and Nanachi’s condition. Bondrewd is as villainous as they come, an unethical being responsible for child experimentation inside the Abyss. For me watching Dawn of the Deep Soul was wondering if it was possible at all for the main cast to overcome Bondrewd. 

It’s not often we get a story that is as succinct and satisfying to watch as Dawn of the Deep Soul is. Made in Abyss isn’t for everyone but is an excellent example of excellent storytelling and excellent production. It’s dark tones and horror is a big turn off for some viewers. While there is payoff and hope within the story, you can’t help but wonder the entire time when the adventure is doomed to fail. For those who aren’t turned off by the dark tones, horror, and overall sense of danger around every corner it’s practically perfect. That is if you don’t mind your heart being torn to shreds in the meantime. It’s an emotionally taxing ride. 

Should you get onboard despite the dark elements and risk a box of tissues? That is completely up to each viewer. If you have already seen the anime Made in Abyss absolutely. Made in Abyss has a wide range of emotion even within its own dark setting. It’s perhaps the dark setting that enables the wide range of emotion as the main cast seeks to overcome the largest obstacle yet, Bondrewd. 

The ride is going to be wild, going in with an open mindset is key. Leaving your mind open to the possibilities and the ramifications of what is occurring will make it an easier experience to absorb. Well done on Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep soul for creating a fantastic Villain, a marvelous cast, and as perfect a production as humanly possible. I highly recommend it!

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