Dr. Stone – Can Music Save the Stone World?

The bets are made, Senku is going all in with Gen on selling a big lie and a single music track. 

Achieving a bloodless victory with Tsukasa on the warpath seems unlikely. The odds are stacked against the kingdom of science. Time is running out. Winter is going to end, and the sheer amount of numbers on Tsukasa’s side threatens to put an end to Senku’s plan. Senku wants to bring everyone back from the stone petrification and rebuild the world built on scientific principles from before it was destroyed. Tsukasa wants to suppress technology and science because of the destructive effects it has caused before, while ignoring the upside of said science. 

While there is plenty of reason to debate whether or not science should be allowed to exist, that is the realm of theory and intellectual debate. 

For practical purposes Senku is going to keep advancing the stone world with science from his own era. He isn’t going to sit down and have a theoretical debate with Tsukasa. Tsukasa wouldn’t be an honest partner in the debate. By using threats of force he isn’t going to just sit down and accept another’s point of view. Tsukasa is enjoying his position of power, based on being the strongest in this stone world. He wants to create a new world based on his vision that the youth are the future. He is actively killing  those who he deems as the older generation, unworthy of living in his stone world. 

Tsukasa’s plan is completely unreasonable, and doesn’t answer the question of how the youth will be any different from the older generations when they grow up. It doesn’t account for human nature, and instead relies on idealism to save the world. While beautiful in theory, the practice of idealism won’t change the youth of his generation. People will always be people with their own unique needs and wants. Imposing a collective will on an individual will not change an individuals’ own needs and wants. 

Can Senku leverage the needs and wants of the stone world denizens against Tsukasa? 

Senku already has. He got Gen over to his side with a cola. And now his strategy relies on enacting a plan on a large scale, playing music from Lillian Weinberg while selling the lie that America is on the way to help those in the stone world. The idea is that hope is on the way. While it is true that hope does reside in the stone world, it is not in the form of a rescue from America. Senku is the hope of the stone world. 

Once those of the Tsukasa empire realize that they can go back to living the way they had before it will motivate them to turn against Tsukasa. Or at least that is the idea. It’s a good bet to make, who wouldn’t want to have their old world restored? And they can go back to living with science, rather than living by nature alone. Nature while beautiful can also be cruel. There are plenty of elements that stack up against those living in nature without the help of science. 

The music of the old world might be enough to save the new world. The idea is that it will connect people to the world the way it was before. Music has a powerful effect, and for those in desperate need of hope a single song might be all it takes for Senku to achieve his bloodless victory in the face of the odds. 

The question is how will Tsukasa react should Senku be successful. Will Tsukasa admit defeat? Will Tsukasa lash out violently? There are plenty of unknowns with how the plan will play out, assuming it works. 

Do you agree? What are your thoughts? I want to know!

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