Does Anime Matter?

It’s like asking if fiction matters, or imagination matters. 

What makes anime matter beyond the industry itself and profits made? What is anime if not a career path for artists, musicians, and story-writers? Why do people decide to watch shows? What importance is anime in a world that faces constant disease, wars, and hunger? Couldn’t time be better spent pursuing other objectives in life?  With worries, anxieties and fears that anchor the world into an at times bitter experience, why give a cartoon the time of day? 

For some, anime is not important. To them it doesn’t matter. 

Yet season after season, I can always find something that I enjoy. Something that makes me smile, and something that brightens the day after dealing with life and work. I can say that anime does matter, and while on the subject I can say that fiction and imagination matter. Without imagination the world would be a dull place after all. 

After all, the mind needs a place that it can escape from the world, even if only for a moment. If it can make you forget for a moment where you are from, who you are, and can immerse you into a world entirely different from your own, it’s a success. 

What value you place on anime is entirely your own decision. If it’s your world, great. If it’s just something you do to pass the time that is also great. If you find yourself absorbed and unable to break away from the TV screen it’s doing its job. Entertainment is important for the mind. Doing something that takes you away from it all is valuable. 

Does anime matter? The question actually doesn’t matter at all. The real question is are you enjoying your own life? Anime is one way I enjoy spending my time, so for me anime does matter.

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