Attack on Titan: Can Marley stop Eren?

With Eren on the loose, and the rumble a real possibility, can Marley take the founding titan’s power? 

The reality of the rumbling is becoming a more likely scenario everyday. Forces that once slept behind a wall are beginning to awaken. With Eren the most dangerous man alive because of his ability to bring about the rumbling, Marley has no choice but to make an all or nothing play. They have to secure the founding titan’s power at all cost. The stakes of the game are higher than ever, even more than when Marley sent child soldiers to infiltrate Paradis Island. 

Ironically, had Marley done nothing to begin with, then the powers that be might have slept behind the walls until the world could have overpowered titans with technology. 

But with the present as is, there is no option but for the remaining Marley titan’s to make one last play. We get one last chance to see Eren and Reiner fight. Every time they do Eren gets better at beating Reiner. With the Jaegerists in control of Paradis Island who knows how things will turn out. If Eren loses, the Eldians are doomed. In his pride Eren can’t turn away from this fight. It would have been better for his side if he had hidden himself. 

So far there have been casualties on both sides. Marley has the weapons to bring Eren to his knees. But as it turns out the power of the titans seems to still be supreme. If Eren does succeed will the rumbling just be an option to buy Eldians more time? If Marley succeeds can they end the threat of the titan scourge forever? There is a lot on the line for each side, in which the winner holds all the cards. The situation has my full interest. 

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