Are Edens Zero and Fairy Tail the Same Thing?

I am a fan of both Edens Zero and Fairy Tail, but I love both for different reasons. 

Edens Zero is going to feel familiar to you if you have already watched Fairy Tail. The reason it is going to feel familiar in certain ways is because it has the same creator, Hiro Mashima. It’s going to be a fun ride, but in a different way. Edens Zero has its own identity, while at the same time nodding to Fairy Tail. 

What I like about Edens Zero is that so far it feels like the story-telling has matured. The story feels cohesive and keeps its narrative on track. While Fairy Tail was excellent in its own right, there were story arcs that felt sometimes out of place. It broke immersion and strained the enjoyment I had while watching. Edens Zero doesn’t make the same mistakes. 

On the other hand while Fairy Tail was flawed at times in its storytelling it hit amazing highs, where I felt fully immersed in what was going on. Edens Zero hasn’t hit that same high in terms of the story telling for me. At the same time Edens Zero hasn’t made the same mistakes in story telling that have detracted from the story. 

In a sentence, Edens Zero feels more mature in its storytelling and has yet to hit the same highs as its predecessor Fairy Tail. 

So far the first season has been entertaining. I am looking forward to seeing what this new cast can accomplish together. I am hoping we get to reach the same heights as Fairy Tail or go beyond. Even if it falls short I am still enjoying the story for what it is. I am confident that it will be entertaining even if it doesn’t get as hype as Fairy Tail. 

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