Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation – Orsted Poses a Real Threat

Orsted was the antagonist needed to take Mushoku Tensei to the next level. 

While it’s been fun watching a man be reincarnated into a child and find a way back into society, Mushoku Tensei has been lacking something of opposite force. While the merit of Mushoku Tensei thus far has been to show that growth and change is possible in individuals, Rudeus hasn’t had any challenges that can’t be overcome. With sidekicks such as Eris and Ruijerd life has been good. While there were obstacles in their way most problems could be resolved in an episode or two. 

Orsted presents something that we haven’t really encountered before in any other individuals. He poses a direct and opposite force to Rudeus. He is also one of the most powerful beings in existence in his world. Whatever other challenges lay in front of Rudeus, this challenge will test him unlike any other challenge so far. 

Unlike other challenges in this new world Rudeus finds himself in, Orsted will not be easily defeated or swayed. 

He is sheer terror and even the man-god acknowledges he is going to be tough to deal with. The man-god lacks power over Orsted. Of course the only way to visit the man-god so far seems to be in a subconscious manner, such as sleep or a near death experience. Orsted when discovering that Rudeus is a disciple of the man-god crushes him to death, with relative ease. 

But something else is at play, rather than let Rudeus actually die he is healed by his enemies. Why Orsted brings him back from the dead is a mystery. There has to be something for him to gain, that he can’t do for himself. Is there a master plan afoot? Will Rudeus be the key to bringing down the man-god? It’s unknown for now as more  will be revealed in time. 

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3 thoughts on “Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation – Orsted Poses a Real Threat

  1. Orsted is a fascinating character and not least because of his strength. He said a lot of interesting things that make me think he’s repeating his life or a period of it.

    The best thing, though, was that he didn’t know what caused the mana disturbance and that seemed to bother him. I think there’s someone even more powerful lurking in the background.

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    1. Agreed.

      There was a lot of information that I want to have revealed. I would love to have the chance later on in the story to learn what he knows, or have Rudeus have some eureka moments based on the interaction he had with Orsted.

      Writers and their plot hooks are keeping me on the edge of my seat.

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