Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation – Paul’s and Rudeus’s Second Chance

I am glad that they made up, but they didn’t have to.  

Paul and Rudeus have decided to give each other a second chance. After their first chance meeting when things went really  badly, both have had time to reconsider their priorities and what is important to them. 

The random stranger, named Geese, that Rudeus was with in the cage back at the Doldia village, turned out to be an acquaintance of Paul. You realize that behind the scenes he was trying to set up a happy meeting between father and son. How he would have known it to be Paul’s kid I am not sure. There wasn’t any clear dialogue that gave it away. 

Of course left to their own devices Paul lashed out at his son for having a fun adventure. Paul didn’t realize that Rudeus was trying to make Paul feel less worried about him. Rudeus couldn’t have done anything in the situation that his father was drunk and agitated. Paul wasn’t in a position to consider what a huge accomplishment it was just to have his son sitting alive and well before him. 

Geese gives Paul some advice and perspective. 

He helps Paul see the truth of the situation. Geese puts into perspective how difficult it is to survive the demon continent. Any other child would have died. Sometimes just staying alive is enough, especially for a child. 

In an emotional moment for Paul, and for the audience, Rudeus has the wherewithal to realize that he wanted to have a second chance with Paul. Bringing back Paul and Rudeus is part of the charm of Mushoku Tensei to mend relationships and hearts. Mushoku Tensei is able to tell a story without it being plot convenient. While most narratives fall short in making compelling dialogue or portraying emotional intelligence, Mushoku Tensei lacks neither. 

I am looking forward to seeing how the story progresses. 

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