86 Eighty-Six: Is Shin’s only Home the Battlefield?

They say home is where the heart is. 

Eighty-Six has always been very heavy in its subject matter. From war, racism, and genocide there are few positives to take from the anime. War is horrific that aside from the obvious loss of life and devastation that occurs, those who survive lose themselves. Or worse it becomes all they know, and they can’t go back to living a normal life. Dedicating one’s life to battle is a lonely road, filled with suffering and agony along the way. 

Shin, while talented on the battlefield, is a lost soul. It’s ironic that all the voices around him can’t see it. Repeatedly his new allies say they can’t understand why Shin would risk his life for others who didn’t care about him. The crucial fact of the matter is that Shin’s only home is on the battlefield. Why else return there after getting out of Republic’s guaranteed death missions and join the Federacy on the field? 

The battlefield is the one place Shin knows and is in control of his own destiny. 

To remove Shin from the battlefield is to remove his only known purpose. It’s a purpose he has chosen. And a country in desperate need for soldiers is in no position to turn him down. At the end of the day results matter, and Shin gets results. Anyone would be out of their mind to let their best warrior not participate in a war of total annihilation. 

I wonder if Shin will change? Or if he is forever going to be stuck in this eternal cycle of war? Will Shin fall before his enemies in this war of attrition? I am curious about the direction that Shin will take. Who can help Shin if Shin doesn’t want to help himself? It’s a tricky situation. 

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