Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation – People Change

People change might as well be the slogan of Mushoku Tensei. 

Trapped by the rainy season in Episode 15, our trio of adventurers is stuck at the beast people village. It’s not all bad for Rudeus who takes advantage of certain opportunities that would not come to him otherwise. That is until he is exposed, and threatened to not lay a finger on the girls around him. At the very least we have some enforcement that prevents anything reprehensible happening this episode. 

While Rudeus is being himself, showing little signs of growth at the present moment, the episode itself tackles how people around him have changed. Like opening a window to let in light, Mushoku Tensei presents that given the right circumstances people can change. But is there hope for Rudeus? 

Jobless Reincarnation leads the audience on to believe that there is hope for Rudeus. 

If Rudeus doesn’t change then it will be interesting to explore how he failed at a later juncture. This episode we are presented a story within a story. We meet the brother of Ghislaine who has a disdain for his sister. He openly trashes her character in front of Rudeus and Eris, without knowing the depth of respect that either have for his sister. This opens a conflict of emotion between the characters involved. A strong willed Eris won’t let disrespect slide when it comes to Ghislaine. 

But it is exactly this conflict that opens hearts to change. Eris’s determination to respect Ghislaine brings a change in thought about Ghislaine’s reputation in the beast village. Eris teaches the sword that she was taught by Ghislaine. Through the sword the characters are able to communicate respect. Eris becomes the heroine of this episode, showing that she has changed from the brat that we met episodes ago. 

I wonder if we will revisit the beast village with Ghislaine at some point? That would make for an interesting development in the story. 

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  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one to focus on that line of dialogue between Rudeus and Gyes. This story is all about change. No one is perfect and everyone has the chance to become better. It will be interesting to see if Rudeus does make a change or whether he’s too far gone. It will likely impact the outcome of the story.

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