86 Eighty-Six: Shin and Frederica’s Relationship

It’s about time we get more honesty from Shin and Frederica. 

Often characters will give superficial reasons for their actions, while their real intentions hide beneath the surface. For a while we have seen Shin and Frederica have chats separate from the rest of the 86 Eighty-Six crew. Shin really doesn’t make for a great conversational partner, even Frederica is better at communicating her wants and feelings with others. 

Frederica is emotionally attached to the Eighty-Sixers, and is especially fond of Shin who reminds her of fallen knight turned legion. Frederica shares her memories and experiences with Shin who listens. Frederica’s wish is for Shin to eliminate her fallen knight from the legion ranks and put him forever at rest. Her wish aligns with Shin’s self-given mission to end the warped voices he hears in his head from the legion. 

There is no reason to reject Frederica’s wish as it aligns with his. 

As the war has raged on the legion have been pressing their advantage of numbers and  superior technology. Pushed into a do or die mission, the eighty-six once again find themselves on the front lines in the most dangerous position. Frederica throws a tantrum. 

While sulking in her room, Shin pays a visit. Frederica has her wish on the line, and Shin has his pride. While she pleads with Shin to stay he cannot. The battlefield is all he knows. The realities of the situation rest on both. 

The truth spills out from Frederica. She doesn’t want to lose anyone else. She doesn’t want to lose her big brother Shin. While they aren’t actually family it’s a tender moment for Frederica. While Shin can’t really reciprocate her feelings or communicate them he doesn’t reject her feelings for him either. 

Faced with ever present certain death, will Shin succumb in battle? 

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