Actually Impossible – Rising of the Shield Hero: Episode 17 A Promise Made

Fitoria it’s actually not  going to happen. Then again she is a bird brain. So yea asking the shield hero to make up with the other heroes and choose to save the world isn’t going to happen. If she’d actually been watching the other heroes seem content with believing anything they have been told and whats worse are prideful in their skills and abilities, although they couldn’t even fight Glass (a.k.a. the wave boss) at the last wave. In comparison to Naofumi the other hero’s don’t seem to have grown at all and seemed pleased with the less than mediocre progress they had made. So yes Fitoria’s request to make up with the other heroes and somehow save the world is actually not going to happen.

Still it doesn’t stop Fitoria from trying to help the shield hero, well help that they had to earn from the filoal queen. Fitoria holds Melty hostage and forces Filo to fight her. Apparently this was all part of her test to prove Filo a worthy successor to become the next filoal queen. If she had lost turns out the shield hero would have become toast, yes the filoal queen wouldn’t put up with him refusing to work with the other heroes. Re-rolling the heroes seems to be the best idea that Fitoria has come up with since she has shown up. From an efficiency perspective if the other heroes die or are killed it further imperils their world by making the waves exponentially harder to deal with, making dealing with the waves increasing inefficient. Fitoria also reveals there are waves going on in other countries of the world that the heroes have neglected to deal with, to which Naofumi says my bad didn’t know.

What is counting against the shield hero is that him and his party are unable to take part of the class up ceremony which would make them a lot stronger. This puts them at a serious disadvantage. Also they are being hunted by Melmorac for the abduction of Melty.

Fitoria gives Naofumi conditions but no options. Talk it out with the other heroes or Fitoria will kill Naofumi and the others. If any of the heroes die, Fitoria will kill all of them. So it certainly seems like death is on the menu.


She also explains to Naofumi that even if he is to survive and move on he will have to make hard choices, either save the world or save the people. If he saves the world apparently lots of people will die. If he saves the people, its a thorny path. Can you be a little more clear here Fitoria, what is the thorny path and if Naofumi chooses it will that mean that people won’t die? Either way she seems content with the answers she had given. Good luck Naofumi and don’t die, after all Raphtalia won’t have it.