Fake News – The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 18: A Conspiracy Linked

The sword hero and the bow hero are dead? That’s news to all of us. Apparently Motoyasu seems to think so. Very trusted sources said so and therefore it must be true. Last time we saw the sword and bow hero there were in a cave searching what appeared to be tombs for something seemingly important. Yet the information that Motoyasu was given was that the other heroes had been killed because of a rampaging beast unleashed by Naofumi and the party. Funny enough I didn’t see either of those heroes there. Just seemed to be a deranged man and Naofumi & Co when the beast was unleashed.

Regardless we at least get a good cage fight with Naofumi’s party and Motoyasu’s party. And its no surprise that the Spear Hero falls to the shield hero. After all Naofumi beat him alone in the duel, or at least would have without outside interference. After the power ups from working with Fitoria, Bird Queen, the fight seems fairly one sided. Well done Naofumi.

Naofumi tries to tell Motoyasu the truth about him. Motoyasu in no way believes him because the people around him say shield hero bad. And Motoyasu is more than predisposed to believe shield hero bad. Remember all the bad blood between Naofumi and Motoyasu? Motoyasu has been the most antagonistic of heroes towards Naofumi, they have dueled over women many times before. Whats one more fight between best buds? I guess this fight wasn’t over a woman for the first time. So guess even that dynamic was changing. The real tragedy behind Motoyasu is his willingness to believe that he sincerely is the good person here, white-knighting any chance he gets. Unfortunately for him a person with good intentions manipulated by bad people is ultimately a tool for evil.

Justice does come in the form of the Pope. He at least does Motoyasu the favor of explaining how bad of a hero he actually is, berating how he spear hero Motoyasu, the sword hero, and the bow hero all have messed up. But the bad news is the Pope is also evil, but hey what Pope wouldn’t want to dethrone royalty and have a theocracy instead?

As a fun aside the anime Shield Hero does a fairly good job of covering a variety of modern culture issues between how to deal with false information and defending yourself from false accusations. We have already touched in part how Motoyasu is affected by false information. It also does a good job of tackling false accusations where people are powerless to defend themselves from the accusations because due process doesn’t exist in the show. When the shield hero is accused of rape he isn’t even given a chance to defend himself and is instantly an outcast in Melmorac. When it becomes one persons word against another it becomes a dangerous world to be a part of. The shield hero becomes subject to ridiculous prejudice for a crime he didn’t commit. He is put through a sham of justice on multiple occasions.

The shield hero learns how to overcome false accusations and dealing with an overwhelming bias in false information against him. Ironically the tools his adversaries use to defeat him ultimately have made him stronger.

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