Is Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Worth Watching?

Depends. If you want horny meets Isekai then Moshuko Tensei is worth watching, if not this might be one to skip. 

This is one that has me really on the fence. I could see myself watching more of it, but at the same time I could easily drop it. I was recommended the watch by a friend linking a YouTube recommendation. I typically don’t watch too much outside of what interests me, but this season I wanted something new and fresh. While I am pleased that popular anime are receiving second, third, and fourth seasons sometimes it’s nice to branch outside of what you know. 

On my current watch list I am watching Dr. Stone, Log Horizon, Attack on Titan and Re:Zero. The good news I already know what I am getting, but the bad news is that none of these are fresh. I am a sucker for curiosity. I always want to know if there might be something that I like in a genre but isn’t something that I haven’t watched before. And Isekai is right in my wheelhouse. 

That being said I also crave new ideas, or being presented with something I haven’t encountered before. I also like good writing, sub-standard writing won’t hold my interest long even if the art style and voice acting is excellent. Writing is the pinnacle of storytelling in my opinion. I can overlook even subpar effort in terms of art and voice acting if the story intrigues me. So where does that put me with Mushoku Tensei? 

So far while there is plenty of horny action that isn’t enough to hold my interest. But there seems to be some story development and character development. The pacing of the show is so far on the slower side. It would be nice if there was a quicker pace. But when you start in a new world at the point of infancy, it wouldn’t be expected to be a quick start. Of course you can speed up the process by skipping past childhood. But childhood is being actively explored. While child development in itself is an interesting subject, the problem is that our child is an adult in a child’s body. 

Is it cheating if you get to restart life as child in another world?

This means that the author is interested in exploring what character development might look like, if the protagonist is a child in another world. The idea of what my life would look like if I knew what I knew when I was younger is a thought experiment at play in this series. And of course the idea is an intriguing one, but ultimately it can be a wasted thought exercise. Because no one can be Isekai’ed, and no one gets to start with a headstart in terms of knowledge at childhood. 

Here we get to explore what it’s like to have a head start, that is if you are also gifted with an ability to use magic. So not only does the protagonist get to have knowledge beyond that of a child, they are also gifted in magic. This is essentially double cheating, one for knowledge and one for natural talent, for the character. But to be honest this character might need to double cheat to make up for the obvious lack of social skill and inability to embrace adult responsibilities. Otherwise I don’t see success happening in this world either for this character. 

There is a limit to how much ability and knowledge can bless an individual, if it’s not coupled with reasoning and good decision making. So I am wondering how the protagonist will grow or if the show will head in a direction that makes sense. I am tentatively optimistic, for this show. But I can see this one going either way. Will it just be a horny dumpster fire (and hey I am not judging) or will we get to see real character growth and real story development? 

Do you agree? What are your thoughts? I want to know!

Is there anything you would like me to cover? Do you want to know my thoughts on anything? Have something I should know? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, comment below!

4 thoughts on “Is Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Worth Watching?

  1. Episodes 2 and 3 marked 2 episodes in a row in which Mushoku Tensei put 2 girls in vulnerable positions so that Rudeus could see them in that vulnerable position. I grant that Rudeus didn’t think of perverted thoughts when he pulled Sylphiette’s pants down, but I really don’t consider this to be good writing. That Roxy incident in the hallway was a common hentai fantasy since pleasuring oneself in the hallway is common in hentai series, and the situation with Sylphiette must have pleased many of the lolicons who are into the show, and I don’t find pandering to that sort of audience to be necessary to tell a good story. I felt a large part of why those scenes happened were to let Rudeus see his love interests in compromised situations. I believe there could have been more organic ways to show that Rudeus’s inclinations were bothersome that didn’t include super convenient and contrived situations in which he got the opportunity to see the girls he desires like that.

    I also felt it was gross that in episode 4, Rudeus indicated his intention to raise Sylphieette to be his ideal woman, as that’s treating her as an object for him to mold into his wife instead of letting her develop naturally as a person, so I’m glad that Paul forced Rudeus to spend some time away from Sylphiette on a job. I find Rudeus to be quite detestable given he was imagining himself with Sylphie, a 7-year-old girl, doing nasty things to each other in bed. To anyone saying he wasn’t a lolicon, that scene clearly showed he was one, and I really did not enjoy seeing that. I plan to stick with both cours of the show, but I clearly understand I am not this show’s target audience. I don’t just watch series I like and do watch shows that are popular so as to have an opinion on them, but I not really enjoying Mushoku Tensei so far.

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    1. Rudeus is flawed character, and so far I am not sure whether I like the show or not. I could see Rudeus turning around, but I am not holding my breath for it. There have been moments that I have detested his nature.

      I will let it play out, but if it’s not to my liking I will certainly be dropping it. If it holds as it is I will probably continue to watch it. But it will probably not make my list of favorite anime.


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