4 Noteworthy Isekai Worth Watching

If you need more isekai you have come to the right place.

Back in May I published my top 5 isekai recommendations, but I felt that the list didn’t really do justice to some of the runner ups and also there is another isekai I didn’t mention at that time. I wanted to give them their proper recommendations that they deserve. To refresh, my top 5 isekai recommendations are Re:ZERO, Sword Art Online, Log Horizon, Overlord, and Konosuba. I rated them in my top 5 due to the overall amount of content and completeness that each of the series had up to this current point in time. I also rated them on the ability to re-watch them and the overall story content in general with what I find interesting.

These other 4 isekai recommendations didn’t make my top 5 list due to their lack of content or I just hadn’t seen enough from the show to bump it up to my top 5. Keep in mind you may actually like any of these more than I do! And if you rate these anime in your top 5 all the more power to you. Also these are in no particular order, I am just writing down what I think is interesting and should be watched.

The Rising of the Shield Hero

I actually like this one a lot. While still loosely based on video game isekai, Shield Hero takes its own direction in terms of how it treats its protagonist. The obstacles that the Shield Hero has to overcome are outrageous. Thrust into a world that perceives him as a villain, he has to somehow fight to defend this world from the waves that threaten to destroy it. The problem is that the shield hero has no offensive abilities to actually fight. With no friends and allies the Shield Hero has to overcome this world step by step, making friends and allies along the way. Will he rise to become an actual hero? Or succumb to being the villain the world makes him out to be?

Saga of Tanya the Evil

Don’t be confused, this anime is actually not historically accurate; it does have historical similarities to the world wars in Europe. And yes it is an isekai! This one was recommended to me by the blogging community and I really enjoyed it. I was initially worried that given its historical similarities it might be a turn off to me, since I consider myself somewhat of a history buff in the world wars European theater. To my delight it actually is very good and does justice to the history it mimics. Tanya, the protagonist, is a character who has been cursed to suffer due to her disrespect towards let’s call it God, she calls it Being X. Will she ever claim victory over this omnipotent being? I don’t know but it’s certainly a fun ride.

Cautious Hero – The Hero is Overpowered But Overly Cautious

One word: Hilarious. The show really pokes fun at the isekai genre itself. It questions the need for a hero to come from one world to save another. The hero constantly questions everything that he is told to do by the goddess. The dynamic between the hero and the goddess makes for an interesting relationship where neither of them can see eye to eye. There is no trust in their initial relationship. Given how powerful the hero is he could easily make things a cake walk, but he takes his time before acting. This leads to conflict between the hero and the goddess, who thinks they could speed up their journey to save the world if the hero simply acted normally. Lucky for her, his cautious nature pays off. While short, it is a fun ride worth watching.

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

It’s titled Grimgar, Ashes and Illusions on Funimation. This one is very unique and special. I really like the soundtrack for this anime. But it’s not only the soundtrack that makes it worth the watch. This show isekai’s more than one person, meaning that there are lots of people who have been brought from another world to this one. Few actually are ready for the challenges ahead of them. It takes a more realistic approach to hero growth from a true zero point. The characters experience loss in the world around them, there is no magical mechanic to bring characters back from the dead. This isekai hits closer to home as there is bad luck in their adventures and it has no true happy ending. It feels very real, as strangers were forced to group together in another world to survive. If you are looking for something really special this is it.


Each of these are great in their own way, each has a unique take on the isekai genre as a whole. Wishing everyone the best!

Agree? Disagree? What are your thoughts? I want to know!

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