Is Attack on Titan Fascist Propaganda?

The answer is no. 

Attack on Titan is fiction. Its fantasy, its make-believe. This means whatever happens within it can be distanced healthily from whatever goes on in the real world. Attack on Titan is there to reflect and think about how humanity acts. How do nations and people react to real or perceived threats? Attack on Titan like no other piece of fiction tackles the question delicately without the creator bringing their own bias into the equation. It’s a hard look at how the world can form an opinion of another without taking the time to really analyze what is occurring. 

I know it’s difficult for some to understand that fiction is separate from reality. 

The fun part about the Attack on Titan world is that there are some parallels to our own. Looking at it from an objective standpoint it is at times eerily similar. But keep in mind they are not the same. 

In particular the 4th season takes us away from Paradis Island and has us take a look at the chief nation that antagonizes it, Marley. After all we know next to nothing about Marley or the rest of the world since Paradis Island has isolated itself for a long time and its memory had been wiped away by the founding titan. Marley has been on the warpath using the Titan powers for a long time. By controlling who is selected to inherit Titan power Marley never risks losing its power. But that Titan power is soon to be eclipsed by the technology of the world. 

It’s how we find ourselves in the interesting situation in Marley. The country that actively antagonizes the world and Paradis Island simultaneously uses the same Titan power it denounces as evil. Knowing that Marley’s time of superior military might is coming to an end, it’s causing a stir in the upper echelons of the military establishment in control of Marley. Will Marley be able to hold onto its military gains? How will the world react when the Titan’s don’t amount to anything in battle? 

With this in mind Marley seeks to undo its position of aggression and remind the world that Paradis Island is the arch-evil. That Eldians are the ones responsible for the state of the world, and that Marley is the good in this world trying to eliminate Eldians. Remember Marley is the good, and Eldians are bad. Of course this is in the face of a war that Marley just won using Titan power. But politics change quickly, and memories fade fast in the face of a combined evil that has to be rooted out. Marley wants you to forget what they have done. 

Keep in mind that Marley knows nothing of the developments in Paradis Island. They keep treating the Eldians and Paradis Island the same as they always have. Their plans and decisions are made by centuries old bias and outdated information. There has been no communication or diplomacy between the two. Just hate on the one side, and the other side discovering their place in the world. 

Eldians in this world know nothing about the past horrors they have committed. Generations of Eldians living on Paradis Island have been relatively peaceful behind the walls. They know nothing of war or horrors of the past. 

But just because the Eldians have forgotten doesn’t mean the Marleyans side has. 

While yes Marley uses propaganda (lies) to drive its war machine with Titan power, I can see the confusion as to why people think it might be fascist propaganda. Yet I don’t see people picking up their guns for Marley and going to fight Eldians. Why? Because like I mentioned earlier it’s all fiction, meaning it’s 100% fake. It’s good you have recognized that Marley wrongly is aggressive and is after consolidating its power status in the world. You shouldn’t be confused by the fiction that Attack on Titan is, it’s meant for you to observe and learn from.  

Use your own thoughts to discover something, and also challenge your thoughts. You might find you can be wrong from time to time. There is nothing wrong with the learning process as long as you continue to learn. When you stop learning is where things often go wrong. 

I’ll say it one last time, Attack on Titan is not fascist propaganda. 

Do you agree? What are your thoughts? I want to know!

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3 thoughts on “Is Attack on Titan Fascist Propaganda?

  1. Hang on… I’m just trying to get my head around this. Are you saying that fiction isn’t real? Surely, they would have a word to describe it… something opposite to non-fiction which is factual…

    It’s insane that these points need to be brought up, but there seems to be a severe lack of critical thinking in the world right now. It’s like how actors are criticized for the characters they play.

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