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Cynically speaking because it’s fiction. 

Bell Cranel is a lady slayer no matter how you want to spin it. I suppose it’s appropriate that the title of the series is: Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? He has stolen the hearts of both goddesses and mortals alike. But knowing that Bell Cranel is popular with the ladies still doesn’t explain how he does it. Bell Cranel is no alpha male, conquering and taking as he goes. He isn’t the type to force things on to people or tell someone else how to live. He isn’t the most confident character, nor is he the most intelligent. But still Bell is able to win over the hearts of women without actually even applying himself to the task. 

Bell exists therefore he is popular with ladies. 

Bell is a nobody adventurer with no talents or skills. All the families rejected him before he found Hestia, who likewise was a nobody goddess. Without the aptitude or skill most people will get passed over and Bell is no exception. The only reason he is going to the dungeon in the first place was because his grandfather told him that when he became an adventurer he would pick up women. Which according to Bell’s grandfather is the only real reason to become an adventurer. Don’t you love it when anime grandfathers give the best advice? 

It’s only after time that we learn that Bell has aptitude to become an adventurer as Hestia reveals he has a very special ability to grow and become someone powerful. But Bell is not a powerful person initially, he only has the potential to become someone powerful. 

What helps Bell win over others? It’s because of his weakness, his sincerity to learn and grow, his good nature, and respect for others that help him win the hearts of the ladies. His weakness draws in others who naturally want to help and protect him. The women who surround him are actually more powerful and capable than him. His sincerity wins others over. He wants to overcome being weak. His intentions are pure without calculation in advance. If Bell wants to help someone it’s because he wants to help them, not because he wants something in return. And Bell has a respect for those around him, especially for women. You never catch Bell putting others down, and he certainly has never put a woman down either. 

Bell elevates others around him. Bell is an adorable mascot that proves you can make it, no matter how hard things may appear to be. It may be that Bell is just too damn adorable to resist. He helps those who are suffering. It might be those traits that make him endearing, but everyone has a reason to love Bell it appears. Keep picking up those girls Bell. 

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  1. Speaking meta-wise, I wonder if you could make a survey or something about this…I don’t mind Bell myself, but it took me a while to think he was “cute”. Judging by my current (as of this comment) watch of the director’s cut of Re:Zero + previous watches of Grimgar and this, that seems to be the case with isekai protagonists for me though, if it ever happens at all (normally I’ll be quite neutral on isekai protags, because they’re far too much of a “Potato-kun” for me to get invested in them emotionally).

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    1. To make sure I am understanding correctly you want me to make a survey about which Isekai protagonist is the most popular with women? If that is the case I could consider it, although this post was meant for consideration within the DanMachi fictional universe itself.


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