Danmachi Season 3 – Incredible World Building

I am really enjoying the start to this story arc of Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon. 

Danmachi is going different directions that I had first imagined. I couldn’t have seen how Danmachi starting from season one episode one would have come to this point. Even though I wouldn’t have guessed it, Danmachi does something that other anime fails to do. Danmachi is very loyal to the world building it creates. It doesn’t take shortcuts. It doesn’t break rules. If there is any rule breaking it comes in the form of Bell’s actions that defy the traditional order of the world he lives in. 

While the setting for Danmachi is different with literal gods living among humans, it still builds a cohesive world. Orario is a different kind of place that is ripe for mystery, intrigue and adventure alike. The only rules for the place seem to be put in place by the guild that manages the familias of the gods that live in the city. The guild merely set ground rules, but certain gods don’t care what those ground rules are. It is a city that is run by commerce, a wild place with only minimal levels of governance. The rules that get enforced are the ones that seem to be set by the interests of the god’s familia itself. 

At the heart of the city is a dungeon, that continually respawns monsters who want to destroy the world. The dungeon is chaos itself. 

What makes Danmachi interesting is the fact that the author doesn’t hesitate to challenge the world order he has built. He has continually pushed the bounds of his world. So far that is pursuing relationships between mortals and gods of a romantic nature, exploring what loving another member of a familia looks like, rescuing prostitutes from the clutches of a familia, and even getting a girl out of a bad familia. The social issues which Danmachi tackles are really incredible. I haven’t seen an anime tackle as many in one go especially under the guise of an adventure anime. Realistically adventure anime and societal problems anime have no real overlap. The author smashes that expectation. 

It also helps that Bell is a darling, and very popular with the opposite gender. 

At this point in episode four of season three of Danmachi we are about to blow the lid off of another societal issue that has been bubbling under the surface or Orario, literally.  What if monsters from the dungeon and humanity could coexist? This might be the biggest challenge yet that Orario has to face. At its core the idea is antithetical to the world that we know. But if anyone can do it, it might be Bell and the Hestia familia. At least that is what the narrative so far would lead one to believe. 

Do you agree? What are your thoughts? I want to know!

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