Goblin Slayer Goblin’s Crown Review

Isn’t it messed up that a goblet is a tiny cup and not a tiny goblin? 

I enjoyed the Goblin Slayer movie/ova Goblin’s Crown. It was a fun adventure that reminded me of D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) campaign gone wrong for all the right reasons. The GM (Game Master) is obsessed for whatever reason with telling a story about how goblins, traditionally associated with easy foes, are to be feared and destroyed whenever possible. And the protagonist is the only player in the role-play group that is absurdly into the idea. The rest of the cast seem to be players that want to be along for the ride but don’t want the main role. The imagery of role play is always strong when watching this series. That being said, Goblin’s Slayer is dark fantasy, and it comes with difficult concepts to contextualize. 

Goblin Slayer isn’t a series for those that are turned off by violence and rape. They are frequent and constant themes that are at times disturbing. It’s a common trend that is found frequently throughout that genre. You have been warned. 

The movie itself stayed true to the themes already found in the anime series. It didn’t really deviate from the normal pattern of where there are goblins, and goblin slayer has to destroy them. In fact there was plenty of goblin slaying to go around. But as is always the case in the goblin slayer universe the ante is always upped. This time the goblins are bold, actually raiding a remote and small village that is in desperate need to be rid of the goblins. The party of adventurers who went on to deal with the goblins before is nowhere to be found. It’s up to Goblin Slayer and his devoted fan club to deal with the goblin threat. 

There is plenty of action to be had, and plenty of fun in dealing with the Goblin threat. You are going to get the bold ideas of Goblin Slayer where neither his party or the viewing audience know what he is thinking. Case in point, Goblin Slayer remains terrible at communication. But that is part of his charm, depending on if you agree with some of the characters point of view. He is always one step ahead of the Goblins, never underestimating them. He knows exactly how to deal with the challenges ahead. 

That being said there isn’t much new revealed. Goblin Slayer remains  his static character self, there is no character growth. Don’t expect the movie to redefine the way you see the series. It’s after all a story of a goblin slayer who wants to destroy all goblins at its core. If you liked the original series then this is just a fun ride, additional content aimed at capturing the series charm. That is if you buy into the idea that the series was charming. 

I can strongly recommend this as a watch. This is especially true if you are into dark fantasy or D&D.  If you are turned off by the violence and rape then you should just skip this one, it’s certainly not for everyone. 

Do you agree? What are your thoughts? I want to know!

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