Slow Start for DanMachi Season 3

It’s a slow start for Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon and that is fine. 

Bell Cranel has put himself into another precarious situation. His soft-hearted nature is also a double edge sword. He won’t leave a girl behind no matter how far fetched, or ludicrous the situation is. Now Bell has broken another taboo of the world by saving a monster girl. So far Bell has been able to get away with just about everything regarding saving girls despite the serious implications involved. To date the most dangerous situation involving Bell has been in saving Haruhime, when she was living as a prostitute in the Ishtar familia. Bell risked his familia’s status and his own life at points to save a girl that could actually do nothing for him. The moral compass of Bell Cranel compels him to do things that when left to cynical calculation he should leave untouched. 

Bell is wildly popular among women, despite the fact that he only has eyes for Ais Wallenstein. Not only is it his general appeal to women that make Bell Cranel special, but the fact that he himself is an up and coming rookie talent who is making a name for himself in the dungeon. In other words if it’s not strictly Bell Cranel’s appeal to women, it’s the potential he has to raise the power level of a familia that makes him desirable. 

So now Bell is in a situation that involves monster trafficking and that is a practice that isn’t strictly allowed or legal even in the world of Orario. The level of politics and money involved is on the highest level. Gods themselves are in this business. Of course in this universe the world is actually a playground for the gods who were bored in the heavens. The rules of this world limit their power, but certain gods have no intentions of playing by the rules even in this lower world. So right now we don’t know all the players, and we don’t know who or what is going to get involved. Some gods, like Hestia, care for their children and their well being. Other gods don’t. I wonder what is going to happen in this new story arc. Can Bell actually save this monster girl and get a good outcome out of this situation? 

The fact that we are having a slow start to Danmachi this season is fine. Laying the groundwork for a story is also important work. We already know the characters so there is no reason to rush a good thing. Danmachi takes its time to develop its story arcs, and good setup can make for a higher level of satisfaction later on. Of course we do get some random filler, but the writer is thoughtful and purposeful when tackling complex societal issues. The mechanism for discussion is simply called: Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? 

Agree? Disagree? What are your thoughts? I want to know!

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