Should I watch Burn the Witch?

It’s a fun ride and super imaginative. 

I have a feeling that this show might get overshadowed by the big titles hitting this fall (Danmachi, Haikyu, Irregular, Fire Force), but if you can spare the time I would recommend the watch. So far I am enjoying the storytelling. The show is quick to lay down some basic ground rules giving viewers the ability to have some idea of what to expect. The basic idea of the show is there exists an alternate reality interwoven with reality in London. In the alternate reality, dubbed reverse London, there is an assortment of all things unusual. Witches, wizards and dragons seem to coexist on a scale that wouldn’t  seem possible from the everyday of the world the viewer lives in. 

Reverse London has its own ruling body and organizations that cooperate but have their own goals in mind. Instead of boring us with the details of each organization we get glimpses of what is going behind the scenes and driving the rules of this world. 

Lucky for the audience there are two characters that the story centers around, Ninny and Noel, both who are witches. They are partners in an organization called the Soul Society. Both seem to be young and talented witches; Ninny has ambitions to do more. In addition they have the added responsibility of keeping Balgo Parks in line. Balgo Parks is a dragon clad, which in the world of reverse London, means he can interact with dragons with no penalty. Unlucky for Ninny and Noel, Balgo has a habit of causing mayhem within reverse London. Balgo has no strong sense of purpose and is constantly finding himself in situations that cause mayhem without him intending to cause that mayhem. 

The premise of the world is a difficult one to grasp on the surface, but isn’t a turn off. 

So far I like the character design and the world that we find ourselves in. I am fairly intrigued by the ongoings of the world of reverse London. If you are looking for something fresh in terms of ideas this could be the thing you are looking for. Like I mentioned earlier this show is going against a strong line up of well-established anime this season. It is time well spent, and worth exploring at least initially. I wonder how the show will grow and develop. I wonder if I will continue to be intrigued and engaged by that world. 

Should you watch Burn the Witch? Yes if you aren’t already consumed by your busy anime schedule, or if you are looking for something different. 

Agree? Disagree? What are your thoughts? I want to know!

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