Re:Zero Episode 26 Thoughts

I love Re:Zero, but I hate the Witch’s Cult.


After finally concluding the battle with the White Whale and defeating the Sin Archbishop of Sloth, I thought that there would be a slow down in the story for an episode or two. I was wrong in my expectations, and to make matters worse Rem is now a shell of her former self. Another victim of this episode was the ruler candidate Crusch, who loses her memory of her life before this point of the story. I wasn’t expecting this episode to hit this hard. I knew there was something off when Emilia said she couldn’t remember Rem, and was wondering how that was going to pan out since it was the cliffhanger at the end of the first season.

The unexpected attack from the Sin Archbishops of the Witch’s Cult, Greed and Gluttony, was gut wrenching. One Archbishop was difficult enough to defeat even with Subaru’s return from death ability. Having to deal with two simultaneously was too much for Rem and Crusch. We are introduced to the new villains for this season in a grim and brutal fashion. The Sin Archbishop of Greed, introduces himself as Regulas Corneas. He is able to shield himself from attacks, and he seems capable of attacking at a short distance. He destroys the convoy carrying the Head of the Whale. The other Sin Archbishop, Gluttony, introduces himself as Lye Batenkaitos. He has the ability to eat characters’ names and memories. He devours Rem’s name and memories leaving her broken and hollow. He devours Crusch’s memories, leaving her unable to remember anything before he takes her memories.

Subaru tries to use his return from death ability to save Rem and Crusch, but there are limits to that power. No matter how many times he tries it he can never get there in time to save Rem. He is very concerned over Rem, feeling sorry for the girl who gave him the courage to succeed. Emilia enters the scene at the very end saying she is concerned for Rem too. She comforts Subaru saying that she will help Rem too, even though she can’t remember Rem.

What is interesting about this scene is this is the second time we have seen Emilia comfort Subaru. The first time we saw Emilia comfort Subaru was when he was getting mentally stressed during the first days at the Roswaal manner. He was unable to break the cycle of him getting murdered no matter how hard he tried to gain their trust. Emilia made it clear in that scene that she would only offer him limited comfort, and not something she would do on an everyday basis.

If my working theory is correct that she is the Witch, then it makes the scenes of her comforting Subaru very suspicious. I wonder what she wants from Subaru? It’s certainly not his love. If my working theory of Emilia is wrong and she isn’t the jealous Witch, then I am still suspicious of her ulterior motives. We don’t know much about Emilia, even with the OVA the Frozen Bond being released. I wonder what is going to happen next.


Agree? Disagree? What are your thoughts? I want to know!

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