Rachel is a Psychopath – Tower of God

True colors are always revealed in time.


She has been saying the whole time that her and Bam couldn’t climb the tower together. I still don’t have my answers about Rachel, but needless to say I am furious at her character. The worst part is that it doesn’t make sense. If Bam is still alive I hope that he gets the message loud and clear now. Leave Rachel alone, and don’t bother yourself with her. I wonder what Bam was thinking when he was with her.

Did Bam really think that a girl telling him to leave her alone would eventually change her mind? Even in her crippled state, she doesn’t want Bam near her. What about Rachel does Bam not understand? What do we as an audience not understand about Rachel? In normal circumstances you would expect Rachel to have reconsidered her predicament, and perhaps accept Bam’s help. It certainly looks that way at first when she is crippled. He even arranges for her to take the test; she normally couldn’t have taken the test if she was crippled. Only his irregular power grants him the ability to ask the floor administrator directly. Rachel

Does she despise Bam? Or is it simply her nature to take advantage of someone, even if taking advantage of Bam seems short sighted. He is supposed to be a rare talent. That in itself should have been appealing, if she needed strong people to carry her to the top of the Tower. He saved her life from Hoh when it was in danger.

Whatever Rachel is thinking, it certainly doesn’t make sense. In fact I am thinking she has some psychopathic traits. It all makes way more sense if Rachel is a psychopath.

She doesn’t have the ability to create meaningful relationships, although clearly Bam’s feelings for her have depth. She throws Bam away like he is trash, even though he has clear potential to become a very strong person. She manipulates him at will, and even uses him to achieve her own goals. She even stands up out of her chair to push him out of the bubble. It turns out that she isn’t crippled. She has lied to everyone to achieve her ends. If we should be scared of anyone it’s definitely Rachel. There is no clear logic to her actions, but a willingness to do anything to climb and hurt anyone to get there.

I really never want to see Rachel’s face again, but given what has happened she is likely to stick around in the story for a while. At the end of the day Rachel is a warped character and a reason to keep watching. Bravo, Tower of God you have my full attention.


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