Tower of God – Endorsi is more interesting than Rachel

7 Episodes in I have a crazy theory, Rachel wants to be a Princess of Jahad.

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I like how Endorsi put Rachel in the spotlight. She says to Rachel that Bam is a great guy, with a cute face, and a willingness to put his life on the line for her. In Endorsi’s eyes that is romantic to her. She probes Rachel wondering what was worth more than Bam. She hopes that whatever Rachel is reaching for at the top of the Tower is worth more than Bam. Rachel stays silent on the issue as expected. Rachel isn’t going to break her silence just yet.

Now that we know that Rachel isn’t going to tell us a thing, it’s time for a fan conspiracy theory. My theory is that Rachel wants to become a Princess of Jahad, which is more believable than her just wanting to see the stars when she reaches the top of the tower. If you think about it, when she says stars at the top of the tower it could be in reference to Jahad and his princesses. The elites of the tower. Other supporting evidence includes that Rachel is refusing to have any kind of relationship with Bam. What is interesting about that is now we know that Princesses of Jahad can’t have intercourse or bear children. That conflicts with the blessing given to them by Jahad, some boon in power.

Now keep in mind this is my working theory right now for Rachel. In all honesty Rachel is getting more attention than she is worth at the moment, that in part is driven by Bam. Bam is making Rachel out to be some kind of amazing person, but so far at any of the closer looks I have taken there is nothing special about Rachel. She is ordinary. Why she feels the need to lie to herself, or the need to have others lie for her is curious at most. She doesn’t take care of herself, and trashes her room where she is staying for the training. She isn’t as interesting as Endorsi.

Endorsi so far has been the character that has sparked my interest the most. Why is she taking the test? Princesses are supposed to be rankers of a special caliber already. She has her pride and she has her flaws. But everyone present respects her strength, she is esteemed by her peers who treat her more as an equal than a distinguished princess. She is bold enough to question the world around her, and those around her respond to her presence. She is a factor that refuses to be ignored and in fact cannot be ignored.

I am expecting to be more involved with Endorsi’s story, who is an object of Anaak’s hate. Will she continue to receive special treatment and favors as we climb the tower? Why is Endorsi climbing the tower? I can’t wait to find out as I keep watching.


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