What are Rachel’s Motivations? – Tower of God

We are 6 episodes into season one, and Rachel has spoken for herself. Bam and her can’t be together.


Bam’s entire reason for  being in the Tower is to find Rachel and be with Rachel. In Khun’s brief interaction with Rachel she is clear that Bam and her can’t be together. There are no reasons given, but they are only reasons for Rachel. Bam has made it clear he would do anything for that girl, and that he would protect her with his own life. So what exactly does Rachel want? Or does she want to be rid of Bam? And more importantly is Rachel really worth Bam’s time? There are a lot of questions that we don’t have the answers to.

Granted Khun isn’t exactly helping the situation. He lies directly to Bam about what Rachel wants and what she said. Of course given Khun’s backstory it’s easy to understand why he would do that. He wants to protect Bam from his pain.

So now we have two characters influencing Bam, none of which will let him have his own way of things. Khun’s lie bothers me less than Rachel’s motivation, but Khun’s lie is certainly going to be a problem down the road. That kind of misconception will have a huge impact on Bam’s decision making. Of course Bam is easy to guide and manipulate regarding Rachel. For Bam Rachel is his only friend in a lonely world. Bam is after all the lonely boy.

From the small interactions and words Rachel has actually had it seems like she doesn’t want to be around Bam or doesn’t want Bam around. She states that it’s for both of their best interests to be alone. That is a lie, but one that seems like it could pass as truth. That is until you realize that what is wrong with Bam helping Rachel get to the top of the tower to see the stars? It seems like a very useful social contract, Bam gets to be with Rachel and Rachel gets to get to the top. That is of course assuming Bam is strong enough to make that happen.

The sad truth of the Tower has made it clear that Bam isn’t strong enough to climb it on his own. Teamwork seems essential to climb to the top of the tower, and training is required as well. Why bother with giving classes if they weren’t beneficial to the climbers? And what does the tower actually expect of those who reach the Top of the Tower. So far we know that there is a King of the Tower called Jahad. And that king has princesses that work for him and are highly regarded.

So what does getting to the top of the tower mean if you end up a part of the system in the end? I am sure that we will find the answers to that as we continue the ascent up the tower.

There is clearly a lot at play and everyone else seems to know what is going on and what they want. Bam knows what he wants, but Rachel refuses to be with him. Is it really a question of strength as Khun’s lies suggested? I am not sure. In the end she could just be getting rid of a clingy person. It could be strictly a relationship issue where Rachel doesn’t have feelings for Bam or doesn’t care about him or merely likes the idea of having someone worship her without her offering much in return.

Do I buy the idea that all Rachel really wants to see is the  stars? With what I know now I am really doubting that. Bam has some clues about Rachel, but Rachel is problematic as a character. She says all she wants to see is the stars, she says that Bam should never betray anyone especially women. Does she really care about the stars that much, as to leave Bam behind who would have gladly joined her? Why tell Bam never to betray women? Doesn’t she mean Bam never betray me?

It’s driving me nuts and I want more answers. I am excited to learn more about the answers to those questions and learn more about what the tower is.


Agree? Disagree? What are your thoughts? I want to know!

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