Anime Throwback Gurren Lagann- Kamina left us too Soon

I wonder how Kamina would have handled Rossiu and the Anti-Spiral crisis?


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One of the most standout deaths to me in anime has to be Kamina from Gurren Lagann. This might be due to the fact that this was one of the first anime I had watched from start to finish. The start of the show was weird and it was only due to friends encouraging me to watch it that I was able to make it past the first few episodes. I found it to be very over the top with Kamina being entirely too high energy, with Simon as a tag-along. Shenanigans ensued and after a few episodes I began to take it more seriously as the rebellion against the Beastmen began to ramp up.

A turning point for interest in the anime that I can remember is when team Gurren Lagann found themselves in the underground village that worshiped Gunmen as gods. It is there we meet Rossiu and learn of the sad circumstances of the village. It doesn’t have enough resources to sustain village membership beyond 50 people. Kamina is critical of the village and their lifestyle to the point that Kamina enrages Rossiu. From Kamina’s point of view this village is just as bad or worse than the village he and Simon just escaped from. The people here aren’t living free and just keeping their heads in the sand. The villagers ignore the truths right in front of them because it protects their way of life. It was in this moment that Kamina captured my respect and went from a high energy hothead to a man that understood that there is more to life than just following orders or traditions of the past. A man has to follow his destiny and his road regardless of where that road may lead.

Kamina’s courage and determination to move forward into the unknown are hallmarks of his character. When confronted by Beastmen or their mechs, Kamina always finds a way to push forward and encourage others. Kamina has great respect for Simon who compliments his high energy and vision with level headed logic. Without Simon none of Kamina’s plans could come to fruition. Kamina respects this aspect of Simon, and also shows that Kamina can understand character inside another person even when others can’t understand it. When Kamina dies others doubt Simon and his ability to guide the rebellion. This doubt erodes Simon’s self confidence. But it’s like Kamina said, “Believe in the me, that believes in you.” Simon is the hand picked successor to Kamina and the only one actually capable of ending the rebellion and winning the war.

While on the outside Kamina gives us the impression of being a blustering idiot, a closer examination of Kamina and his character reveals more than meets the eye. He is a deeply caring and charismatic individual. And his intuition regarding Simon is right on. His passion resonates with team Gurren Lagann even after his passing. Kamina is a rare breed of individual full of life and belief in limitless human potential. His passing came too soon, and I wish that he had the chance to live life to the fullest.


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5 thoughts on “Anime Throwback Gurren Lagann- Kamina left us too Soon

  1. I absolutely hate Rossiu and also didn’t much care for the series after the time-skip. Loved the first half and was gutted when Kamina died. Have to admit that I didn’t believe in Simon either, even if I knew he would win out. Kamina was the far more interesting character.


    1. Yea I feel pre time skip Gurren Lagann was prime. And it did take me a while to get on board with Simon as well. Rossiu is an interesting character and a great foil, but isnt particularly lovable.

      Kamina was the best part of Gurren Lagann.

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