Flip Side of Despair – RE:Zero – Director’s Cut Episodes 7 & 8

Natsuki Subaru crashes the party, and Emilia hates him for it.


Subaru plain and simple just can’t do what he is told. He is a strong willed individual that believes that he has an equal say in the process. His behavior is causing problems for Emilia. The strong individual expression of Subaru is one of modernity, and it’s completely abnormal in the Kingdom of Lugunica. This behavior while odd might have been completely dismissed under normal circumstances, however the Kingdom is in the middle of a crisis that it has not seen since its foundation. The royal lineage is dead, the contract with the dragon protector in question, and no one knows what is going to happen next. Natsuki crashing the party for the royal selection goes beyond bad taste, it also shows he is of unsound and poor judgement.

Lecturing the royal assemblage about misperceptions regarding Emilia as a half-elf who resembles Satella is one thing (and deserved), but Natsuki also goes so far the other way that he claims he is Emilia’s knight. While I understand what Subaru meant in terms of him seeing himself as Emilia’s protector, Subaru also misunderstands that knight isn’t a play term as it is in the modern era (and in certain countries being a knight is still a real thing). The rank is very much real in this Kingdom and those who have earned the rank, whether through lineage or meritocracy is unclear, are appalled that Subaru verbally attacks one of their esteemed members Julius Euclius.

Even after being thrown out of the royal assembly for candidates Subaru manages to pick a fight with Julius who beats Subaru half to death. Without Emilia’s intervention perhaps Subaru would have died. This is the final straw.

Emilia waits for Subaru to regain consciousness to inform him that their friendship/relationship is at a breaking point. She is going to repay Subaru for all the debts she owes him. While Subaru thinks he is entitled to trust based off what he has so far accomplished, he still understands almost nothing about this world. He embarrassed Emilia beyond repair, and has put her position into question. She even denies his claim to be her knight, she claims to have no real association with him in front of the royal assembly. When confronted by Emilia he can’t even give a proper explanation for his actions due to the witch’s curse on him. There is no way for him to logically explain his actions in a way that makes sense. There is little understanding between Emilia and Subaru.

Subaru is sent to Crusch Karsten, a royal candidate and rival to Emilia, for healing. Felix, her knight, is known to be among the best healers in the Kingdom. While in the healing process Subaru is depressed. He feels despair at causing irreversible damage in his relationship with Emilia. Luckily for Subaru Crusch gives him great advice: “Don’t cast your eyes down. When your eyes are clouded, your soul darkens. That means your future is closed to you and you lose sight of your reasons to live. When you do what you know is right, what can you do by looking downward? Lift your head, face forward, and reach out your hands.” This speech gives Subaru hope. With renewed vigor he moves forward towards Emilia, back into danger.

And with the madman Subaru is up against he is going to need all the hope he can get.

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5 thoughts on “Flip Side of Despair – RE:Zero – Director’s Cut Episodes 7 & 8

  1. I agree that Subaru crossed a line here and acted in an inexcusable way. His in ability to read the situation and unfounded overconfidence really cost him. I can’t really blame Emilia for acting the way she did. If was tough that he couldn’t say anything thanks to the curse, but he definitely made the situation.

    I also think Crusch is an awesome character. Not sure if it’s because she was integral to my favourite part of the show with the White Whale or not, but she’s a better character than Emilia at this stage.

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    1. I agree with you about Crusch. She is an awesome character.

      Emilia looks more and more like a villain in my eyes as the director’s cut progresses. Before I had an image of her as an innocent half-elf girl, probably the same as Subaru, but unlike Subaru the more and more I see of her character the more concerned I become. The way she acts and handles certain crises is problematic. Of course she is a candidate for royal selection and power should be a concern for her but it seems to come at expense of genuine care or emotion.

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