Is Rem Best Girl? Re:Zero Director’s Cut – Episode 10

This episode is why fans say Rem is best girl.


While in our hearts the battle for best girl in Re:Zero rages on, episode 10 of the director’s cut is a revealing take on Rem. Rem is the girl who doubts herself, who blames herself for the loss of Ram’s horn, and continually rates herself as second or third best in comparison to others. She had been living in the shadow of tragedy. Her whole life revolved around the event when she lost her village. It is a normal reaction for someone to be unable to move on. While the years move along Rem keeps reliving that tragedy in her head. The trauma of that day can not be easily undone. When Natsuki Subaru shows up with his fresh ideas of modernity and arrogance, he is able to convince Rem that we need to move forward towards a future worth smiling for.

In a single moment Rem’s burdens are removed and she becomes infatuated with Subaru. For her Subaru is a hero that is determined to see it through to the end and achieve the happy ending. In reality Subaru isn’t a hero, and can only do his incredible act that’s due to the witch’s curse. In the past he was always able to come up with a solution. Now faced with Betelgeuse and the White Whale, Natsuki sees no solution to save Emilia. With Emilia dead Puck fulfills his contract and destroys the world. Everything Subaru does leads to an unhappy ending.

Subaru gives Rem the chance at a once in a lifetime offer. She can run away with him and he in turn will become her lover. She utterly rejects the proposal on the basis that she couldn’t be happy with that offer because Subaru couldn’t offer that future with a smile. He would be miserable, while Rem would be happy. She doesn’t want that for him. Natsuki in turn exclaims that he can’t do anything, that he is utterly powerless, and debases himself in front of Rem. The depth of his pride has been shattered and his being is broken. He gives up. Rem scolds Subaru for giving up, telling Subaru that giving up is too easy and not befitting of her hero.

Natsuki continues to tell Rem why he isn’t who she thinks he is, and Rem flatly rejects Subaru’s ideas. In her mind Subaru is the hero that saved her from despair and the tragedy she had been living. She had found a reason to smile and keep moving forward. It was thanks to Subaru she got her life back. Subaru is a courageous person, despite his many flaws, always trying to better the situation and world around him. While Rem knows that Subaru deep down doesn’t really love her, Subaru boldly declares his love for Emilia in front of her. They both simultaneously reject each other. Rem can’t love Subaru at his worst, and Subaru can’t love Rem at his best.

It’s a beautiful and honest moment between the two characters. The power of the dialogue is one of my favorites to this day. Neither Subaru nor Rem shy away from telling each other how it is. By the end of episode 10 Rem also admits to Subaru she can tell when he is lying. She knows Subaru is lying about how he knows the location of the White Whale, and she also knows he can’t say the real reason why. For Rem it doesn’t matter that Subaru can’t be honest with her, she loves him regardless. Is Rem best girl of Re:Zero? Only you can decide.


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