Cautious Hero/Sinchou Yuusha – Seiya, the Terrible Communicator

I can happily report that even after several episodes Sinchou Yuusha continues to delight. The show has been true to itself and has continued to be humorous through and through. As an Isekai rule breaker, rather than a rule follower, Cautious Hero has been a refreshing watch. The hero Seiya has been accused of being non-heroic multiple times, as those he saves complain he isn’t saving them in the way they want to be saved. More accurately Seiya lacks charisma. Seiya is not a hero that we expect and while practical in terms of saving the world he lacks that charismatic element that other heroes tend to have in abundance. Without the special power of charisma Seiya tries his best to save a world that is practically impossible to save. He is actually ingenious and does the unexpected repeatedly in his work to save the world. Seiya is an effective adventurer, but not a charismatic hero. Seiya does what needs to be done but nothing extra. Seiya lacks any semblance of charisma, a trait that is essential for a hero, because Seiya is a terrible communicator.

Normally it would be considered bad if hero was terrible at communication. In Seiya’s case it actually works for him and his heroic style. His lack of communication skills is what, in part, actually makes so much of the shows humor work. There are many instances where Seiya only gives a few words or maybe a few commands that leave the viewer confused as the rest of the characters of the show work around him. The best example of Seiya’s poor communication skills occurs during Seiya and Rosalie’s, the Lady Knight, interaction in planning how to deal with Beel Bub. Seiya speaks his mind and blunt truth that Rosalie’s actions got her own men killed. This truth leads Rosalie to in turn attempt to slap Seiya, but Seiya “in self defense” slaps her multiple times. During the comical scene Ristarte tries to explain to Seiya that he can’t hit women for reasons that are common modern sense, but Seiya is so dense about the situation he doesn’t actually understand anything Ristarte is saying to him. While this does little in actually earning Seiya popularity it does establish Seiya’s character very profoundly. Seiya will speak his mind and do what he thinks is necessary to save the world, even if its something that will earn him animosity from those around him.

While granted Seiya would be a more charismatic hero if his communication was better, he is not the type who actually gives a damn what anyone thinks about him. This suites his practical side as a hero. Seiya isn’t actually coming to save a world because he actually wants to. Seiya is saving a world because Ristarte is forcing him to. Seiya is quickly trying to end what started for him episodes ago, and more than anything Seiya is determined to survive. Why would Seiya, who is effectively a conscript, share his actual feelings and thoughts with the world? Seiya would have no reason to really communicate his desires and what he wants with Ristarte, or anyone else for that matter. His allies are just his baggage carriers, his Goddess is a resource for training and quick get-aways, why does Seiya need to actually communicate? He is doing his job. And while we may not see Seiya actually ever develop better communication skills, he is already perfect for his role. Seiya is saving a world and the people in it from their untimely destruction from a Demon Lord, that is already heroic enough for me and requires zero charisma.