Smart Judgement – Why pull the Trigger? Psycho-Pass 3

Agents of the Ministry of Welfare’s Public Safety Bureau, or MWPSB for short, deal with the Dominator on a frequent basis. It is most commonly used in the field as a  scanner to judge and analyze an individuals psycho pass, more specifically a crime coefficient. The crime coefficient measures one probability to commit a crime. If it reaches a certain level then the Sibyl System allows for the Dominator to be used in various ways. For low level crime coefficient’s the Dominator can only be used for stunning an individual. For those of high crime coefficient, the Sibyl System allows the Dominator to use lethal force. The Dominator is an efficient tool and weapon for agents of the MWPSB. There is at least one problem for all the great uses of the Dominator, what happens when someone needs to be brought in for questioning but the Dominator allows for lethal force?

Arata Shindo, an inspector of the MWPSB, is attacked while on the look out for leads or any information that could lead to clues to a death in his case. In the attack his enforcers are all too eager to get into a fight with the assailants. One enforcer kills an assailant with a Dominator as authorized by the Sibyl System. Arata is furious, being unable to speak with the assailant would lead to gathering more clues for his case. While saying the statement mostly in passing Arata explains why the Dominator has a trigger, the trigger on the Dominator exists so an agent can decide whether or not they should pull it. The most critical skill required for using the Dominator, regardless of what the Sibyl System has displayed on the weapon itself, is smart judgement.

The tragedy of the Dominator itself, despite all of its amazing uses, is that its power is limited to the judgement of the individual user. For all of the ability of the Sibyl System to produce crime coefficients and unlock weapon lethality based on a scientific formula, the Sibyl System cannot tell a user what to actually do in a given situation. Therefore we end up with a judgement based off a system that couldn’t tell the enforcer that killing the assailant, while completely in bounds with the systems limitations, was a bad decision that limited the information that could be collected in an relevant criminal case.

The most important skill for using a Dominator, like any weapon, is using smart and critical judgement. It does no good for a Dominator to be in the hands of an enforcer who forgets the primary reason for having the weapon in the first place. Enforcers in general are more predisposed to fighting and violence, or perhaps care less about the effects of what violence has on their own psychological disposition. While the enforcer might be a trained dog of the MWPSB they are far from the brains of the operation. What Arata suggests to his own enforcers is that they take a moment to consider their own actions before pulling the trigger on the Dominator. Could there be another way? Could there be a smarter way?