My Point of View – 5 Anime you should watch from Fall 2019

This season has been fairly interesting, with plenty of exciting and engaging content. This fall season has been refreshing to watch, with plenty of new and some old. I have definitely been surprised by some of the content this season. That being said there is plenty to enjoy and watch. This is a personal list that is by no means all encompassing, and spoiler I haven’t watched every anime from this season. These are just my recommendations based off what I have either personally watched. They are in no particular order of recommendation. I am always open to your suggestions in case there was something very much worth watching that I haven’t seen.


Dr. Stone –

This show is a bit of a surprise to have made my list. I can say that while intriguing this show definitely has that special something that makes it engaging and interesting. Watching the characters struggle to overcome the stone world with science has been thrilling and allows the viewer to better appreciate the impact of science & technology in the world.

Psycho-Pass 3-

The show has a lot of intellectual fodder for you to chew on. It’s the successor to the first and second seasons of Psycho Pass. If you like psychological and suspense go no further. This will have you on the edge of your seat. The downside, or possibly upside depending on your tastes, is that each episode is about double the length of a standard show. Be prepared for 40 to 45 minute sit downs at a time.

My Hero Academia –

While not the most interesting My Hero Academia the show is building up towards an epic story arc that you will not want to miss. Just be patient a little longer! The good stuff is coming. I totally haven’t read the manga, well maybe I have read a bit further ahead because I couldn’t contain myself.

Cautious Hero –

This was also the surprise show to make my list. I enjoyed how well the show defined itself from the very beginning and set us on a hilarious course of misunderstandings. The Cautious Hero is the hero we need, but maybe not the hero we deserve.

Vinland Saga –

I was expecting just hack and slash. I got that, but I also got more than I had originally bargained for. The show does an excellent job setting up its characters and motivations, while developing them to an extent that I haven’t seen in a long while. This show packs meaningful character development in a warring world of Vikings and has a compelling story that will keep you engaged.


What anime did you enjoy this season? Have you enjoyed what you have seen? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!