It’s Been a While

Dealing with Burnout

Readers, it’s been a while since I last wrote. I apologize for abruptly disappearing without saying anything. It’s an old bad habit of mine. When I feel overwhelmed I sometimes withdraw myself without letting others know. One of my personal struggles in life is knowing when to be honest with myself and admit that a current path that I am on isn’t working out. I will push myself when I should be slowing down to take care of myself.

One upside of the bad habit of pushing myself is that I tend to accomplish more when feeling in a state of emotional conflict. The obvious downside is that I will crash and burn hard, then everything stops. Yes, it is a problem.

While it would be irresponsible of me to promise this wouldn’t ever happen again, I am actively working towards taking better care of both my mental and emotional states. I don’t want to disappear because I am feeling overwhelmed, but there are times I am not sure what I am feeling and write off burn out as something else and continue to work harder than I should. When you lose passion for something you enjoy doing, that should be a warning sign. But sometimes I like to live on the edge and ignore warning signs, even when it’s an obvious mistake when looking back at it.

I want to continue the journey I started almost two years ago at this point. I don’t know how much I will write. But I won’t push myself to do more than I feel happy with. If I am not motivated I am not going to write. This has been a fun project for me. I want it to continue to be fun.

Looking forward to being back!

2 thoughts on “It’s Been a While

  1. A little push is good, but don’t over do it. When you feel obligated to do something it loses a lot of the excitement. Take your time and find something that inspires you to act.

    Look forward to reading you posts again.

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