Beatrice’s Death Wish – Re:Zero

I was blind-sided by this development. 

While I was out chasing conjectures about Emilia and Roswaal, I had forgotten about Beatrice. Her role as the guardian of the forbidden library was something that I had taken for granted. In the several interactions with Subaru before it all seemed like harmless fun. He would say something dumb, Beatrice would act tsundere and kick him out from the library. On the surface it seemed something like a comedy skit thrown in. After all if there is a show that needs comic relief it is actually Re:Zero. There were also moments where Betty would step in and help Subaru. Her actions seemed to be her own. This is where the underlying assumptions were wrong. 

I have never seriously questioned Beatrice, her role, or why she was the guardian of the forbidden library. Of course when Subaru gets more understanding about Betty it’s all too late to do anything about it. Lucky for Subaru he gets infinite retries, but this time I am not sure we can tie up all the loose ends of the events unfolding in the sanctuary. 

If this story arc is about everyone chasing their own wishes then we have too many wishes already on the table. Is there a way for each character to get their own wish granted without other characters having their wish denied? In real life it’s impossible for everyone to have their wishes granted. I don’t think it’s possible in Re:Zero either. Will Betty get her wish to die granted? 

Subaru of course protests Betty’s wish. He tells her she doesn’t need to live by the book, or need the future told to her by the book she possesses. His words won’t reach the spirit who has protected the forbidden library for 400 years. The library for Beatrice is a prison of body, mind and heart. She no longer received direction from the book that was supposed to tell her the future. Without those words which she took comfort in there was no point of living for her. She comes to the conclusion that because there are no more words written it was meant for her to die. While of course it’s easy for a viewer or even Subaru to counter her logic, she is already past the point of wanting to live. There aren’t words left for her that can save her except one thing. 

The one thing that can save Beatrice is for Subaru to become her everything. It’s a steep proposition for Subaru, one that he can’t immediately accept. Subaru’s sights are set on Emilia who is his everything. He can’t abandon what he has been working towards this whole time. So when Subaru protest’s Betty’s wish, she tells him to become her everything knowing that he can’t accept those as the terms for her survival. She is saying in no uncertain terms that she wants to die and the Subaru has no right to interfere with her wish. Knowing Subaru he is going to meddle with Beatrice’s wish. 

Agree? Disagree? What are your thoughts? I want to know!

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  1. I think Beatrice is just a lonely little girl who wants affection and attention like all little girls do. Subaru also seems to have a high spirit affinity as Julius noted in Season 1, so if anybody can make Beatrice want to live, it’ll be Subaru. Subaru needs to have the resolve to give Beatrice a life worth living and convince her that he can do that for her. I think Beatrice already took a liking to Subaru when she looked longingly at him and Emilia doing radio calisthenics in the morning in episode 4 of the first season.

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