Tower Politics in Play – Tower of God Episode 11

Anaak is in life threatening danger.


Lo Po Bai Ren lays a trap for Anaak as she takes the exam. The Bull, a dangerous creature that rankers fear to fight, is a factor of the exam that falls to the princesses of Jahad to fight. For regulars the Bull is sheer terror. For those with the bloodline of Jahad dealing with the Bull is merely a nuisance. They even make a game of it. What Anaak doesn’t realize at first is that the Bull is a trap set by Ren, a member of the Royal Enforcement Division.

While Anaak and Endorsi are having a fun game of who can kill the Bull in under 5 minutes, Ren waits for Anaak to appear where he is waiting. Of course the battle between Anaak and Ren is merely a game for a member of the royal enforcement division. It seems like he was too bored in his duties to finish Anaak quickly and properly. Anaak is seen as a threat to the tower in Ren’s eyes. Ren uses his authority and power to toy with Anaak.

Before the end of the episode, Endorsi is told to kill Anaak with the green april.

Well I was expecting there to be some repercussions for Anaak’s revenge tour on the Tower. It makes sense that the powers that be wouldn’t allow someone dangerous to climb the tower, especially if that person threatens the power structure in the tower. I am surprised that Endorsi didn’t seem to mind Anaak’s drive for revenge, and even aids her indirectly by not killing her. Perhaps Endorsi is curious about the anomaly of Anaak, who is the daughter of Anaak Jahad. After all Anaak is the daughter of a princess of Jahad. Princesses are forbidden from having offspring. Strictly speaking Anaak is taboo, and shouldn’t exist. The blood of Jahad is controlled by Jahad, most likely, and the princesses don’t have discretion in spreading the blood of Jahad. I wonder if this is the end of the road for Anaak?

Of course it appears that the Director seems complicit in consigning the death of Anaak. He watches comfortably and takes no actions when things are seemingly going wrong with the test. The other testers seem concerned with what is happening. But the Director has his own hand to play, I wonder what he wants from this situation?

There is more at play than what we are told. The politics of the Tower are elusive but they do exist. One day I am hoping to learn more about what is happening in the tower, and why things are the way they are. I want to know the gravity of the actions Ren and the Director are taking.


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